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Dating women over thirty is the hardest thing ever

Dating women over 30 can be challenging because of their pass load and higher aspiration. So, it’s not weird to see some women make a long list of requirements like a high level of education, multi-national travel, and mastery of multiple languages. While sticking to these rules, if they feel it’s a way of protecting themselves from the mistake they may have done in the past, most of the time they can miss the whole point . A man who never graduated college might be brilliant (Steve Jobs). Many smart people, don’t have high degrees, and many people with a Ph.D. or M.D. whose intelligence has nothing to do with the best way of living together, in fact, even can harm it by their arrogant attitude. it’s important to look beyond degrees and discover whether the person you’re dating has character and integrity. Do you share common values? Do you feel comfortable with one another? Do you light each other up? Those things are far more important than a Harvard or Yale degree, or whether or not, he speaks Mandarin. Some women in their thirties, refute having any dating problem. And say it loud “When Mr. Right comes into my life, it will be to enhance my already happy life…not to complete it”.

The type of women, who is well established already with thriving career will not expect you to be lesser than them, and in fact even if you make more they will most of the time try to keep control over the relationship because women in their 30 feel they need to take control of their lives blaming some disaster of their 20 to their lack of control and dishonesty of men meet before, and the man who comes in their life while they are in their thirties unfortunately pay the bill of wrecked pass relationships. Women in thirties when there are not married most of the time will band with other gals to support themselves mutually because hitting the 30 mark with no men or kids can be lived like a cataclysm so while they are supporting themselves they also have a certain resentment towards men of their 20 whom left them down for others, but there is also a dangerous competition among those women a competition that will force a man to pass not only the test of the woman he wants, but alas, also members of the band, who will always find something against him to discourage their friend. Some can blame here the wicked idea of the failure crew, who wants to survive in the failure of any crew member every single time. But dating problem don’t disappear just because you get in your 30 they will be there as long as you feel a void to fill, problems begin to disappear when you overcome your insecurities and limiting beliefs about the opposite sex. There are fewer dating issues when you can communicate your wants and needs clearly and have confidence and self-respect. When you have a positive approach to dating, it’s just a matter of time before you find someone special to enhance your already happy life.

Women in their thirties enjoy the bitter side of the attraction related to age because many attractive women in their 20s reject all but the most attractive men for a load of reasons related mostly to the insecurity of the guys in their twenties, because they look mostly to powerful men who will support their needs and respond to their desire. The urban tale of the Sugar Daddy who purchase some fresh meat, has armed many young men in their relationship with their college or high school crush girl, while the old tale of the charming prince is still very present in the meander of women mind if young a man must be rich and powerful. But all those gals will not find a pal since the competition to get an attractive and powerful man is very high, so if a woman doesn’t nail her charming prince in her twenties when she’s still fresher and pretty, for sure she will get to her 30, hopefully with a higher education she would have applied herself to have, so at least she can afford by herself the dreamed life she wants.

The 35-40-year-old women who are ready for marriage, unfortunately, are roundly ignored by the men they desire. Their 35-40-year-old peers. Many of the men rejected by the same women in their twenties grow attractive and powerful in their 30 and 40 and guess what they simply ignore the girls of their 20 who are in their 30 and forties, because they are now more attracted by women in their twenties, who have according to their desire, a better sexual value, the idea of the young and virgin fit to marriage is still very much present in some men mind even if they don’t acknowledge it. Furthermore, men in their thirties and forties, find that younger women will be drama free and more submissive. Men in general do not like perpetual confrontation with their women, and a submissive woman can just be the perfect match for men, since they are older, and wealthier, some women will simply give them more respect. When dealing with women in their thirties or forties their age group, men don’t always have an easy ride since the feminist agenda seems to have more supporters in that age group, and in many ways men can be confronted by their female partner for whom the tricks, they did to deceive or defile back in the high school days, will have no secret for them. The feeling of being mindread and stripped all the time in front of women of their group age seem to deter some men. Women in their thirties become less marketable and are surprised to learn that the top men don’t want them anymore because they’re now chasing the young women they used to be. In general, men pursue beauty while women pursue capability. And as such, women largely focus on how to appear attractive, while men largely focus on how to appear powerful. This makes the inversion in marketability around age 30, since that’s generally when, men are becoming more capable (attractive), and women becoming less beautiful (unattractive).

Most powerful men don’t want a powerful woman; they want a feminine magnifier for themselves, i.e., someone who makes them feel successful, loved, and respectable. To most men, this is best achieved through a young, attractive, and kind positive woman who focuses on him—not on herself Women from 27-34 are independent professionals just like their male peers. They, too, have a lot of dating options, are busy building their careers, and don’t have a clear urgency to settle down. When a woman hits 35, theoretically, this is when she starts to get more serious. This is also when all the problems start, because she will put pression on men who are not ready to settle down. 35-40-year-old men who are ready to settle down still want to have time before becoming dads. And the pression they will feel will drive them away to target women who give them room to think . women under 30 who are not ready to settle down quite yet. With higher incomes young women have been enjoying in the western world, they have been capable to meet most of their security needs. The security of young women is also an attractive factor for men, who today expect more and more their women to take care of themselves, with their own means. And it’s relevant to point out here, that if men tend to like women they can control at the same time, they like to have women with money who nevertheless will not question their authority in the management of the relationship or family to come.

Moreover, in this sentimental imbroglio, women over 30 who have trouble finding a partner despite their professional stability, and their bank account well provided, would be interested in finding partners in their age group who for a reason or another have not reached their optimum in life, or settle for partners who are over 50. Men older or less rich, and necessarily less attractive, who nevertheless are sincere in their approach and respond to what they hope at least from the sentimental and moral point of view, and even carnal, are balanced with their loss of physical attraction that is inseparable from the biological clock.

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