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Occultism and political power.

The conquest and perennation of political power is not always in the visible political arena. The political power has always been dwelled on mysticism, which gives it a unique dimension in the conscience of peoples and of those who exercise power. The monarchs from the most remote epochs have often concocted real or fictive legends to consolidate their power.

Despite the phantasmagoric character that has often been given to occultism, it is none the less true that secret societies, magic, Kabbalah, occultism, witchcraft and even Christianity and mystical Islam Are part of the miracle recipe, which politicians often use to conquer and preserve their rule. However, beyond the individuals it has often happened that a category of individuals moved by a common desire and adherents of any given ideology would influence the political power and the events that will mark the history of the humanity. On 6 December 1916, an invitation was sent from the great Masonic Lodge of France to all the lodges of the world, to take part in a meeting which was to be held on the establishment of an international organization which was to emerge from the deadly ashes of the first world War.

The Freemasons of the world who met on 14th and 15th of January 1917 in Locarno adopted the term Society of Nations, which later became officialized in extenso by States at the end of the war. Freemasonry during this founding meeting advocated the pursuit of the plan to establish a new world order. A theme that had already been mentioned many times in the past. Napoleon Bonaparte in his fierce war mongering behavior and his sale of Louisiana to the United States, had already evoked in the dawn of the 19th century, the creation of a new world order, for which he was waging war. Thus, the Masonic meeting of 1872 at Locarno also evoked the work of building a new world order, which could only be effected by a series of world events. In the same years, Albert Pike, the most emblematic figure of the Freemasonry of America, predicted the advent of 3 World Wars which would enable the achievement of the globalist objectives. During the assizes of 1917, as a prelude to the emerging society of Nations, the masons recognized that war offered them tremendous opportunities to achieve their goals. Brother André Labey secretary of the council of the grand orient of France, in a speech made in Paris at 16 rue du Cadet, on June 28th, 1917 emphasized that, the war was bringing down militarism, and that a wind of freedom would blow on the western world, and therefore it was imperative to create a supra-national organization to stem future misunderstandings. However, it is important to note that globalism is an ideology that has racist foundations, for it conceives the world as an exclusively white entity. The construction of globalism that was already mentioned in the work of Madame de Blavatsky believed that the new world order could only be achieved through the leadership

of the white race. This implies that the latter must be done to the detriment of other people whose universal sufferer remains the so-called black race. For many ages, globalism has been a declared opponent of the so-called black race. Napoleon, one of the forerunners of the globalist currents, a member of the society of the enlightened, clearly stated that, by restoring slavery, he hoped it would help a perpetual obstacle to the development and flourishment of the black race in the world. All those who are affiliated with secret societies with a globalist current in one way or another serves this agenda of the higher invisible brothers who are gathering in even more secretive organizations like the illuminati. In the East, Masonic and globalist societies quickly realized that it was necessary to influence the countries of the region. However, they have found themselves confronted with the secular societies of the East and with the imperial authorities who vested important control over public life, in countries like China and Japan. However, in China, the Hung secret society, whose fraternal doctrines found similarity to Reformist Christianity and Masonry, will help the infiltration of the East by Western secret societies and their globalist agenda. The revolt of Taiping between 1851 and 1864 highlighted the power of subversion of the West towards the countries of the southern hemisphere. Taiping Tian Guo, or "Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace" was only an outgrowth of Christian Reformist Churches direct allies of Freemasonry. Martin Luther married the rose and the cross, of which he proudly wore the emblems on the shepherd's dress a way without doubt to mark his affiliation to Rosicrucianism which was to greatly influence the modern Freemasonry, which remains very widespread in Protestantism. The 15-year war between the celestial kingdom and the descendants of the Qing dynasty was in fact an asymmetrical war against China to bring the country in the axis of globalism since its economic potential was already palpable. More than half a century later the Westerners will return to the charge. All the Western revolutionary associations that supported the freemason Sun Yat Sen were in concert with Western Masonry and Anglo-Saxon Protestantism. However, the plan was not necessarily to make Sun Yat Sen triumph but above all to experiment with communism, which itself had its origins in the Judaic Kabbalah, which itself presided over the destinies of Freemasonry since the infiltration of Freemasonry by the Illuminati, for in the 21st century Freemasonry is no less than the antechamber of the Ashkenazi Kabbalah. Jesuits and Rosicrucians, who had long inspired, the secret society remaining in the background. The first by the knights of Jesus Christ ancestors of the Templars and others by the African and Eastern mysticism of ancient Egypt base of the Rosicross.

As René Guénon indicates: "The political or politico-religious undercurrents of occultism and of the organizations connected with it, far and near, are certainly worthier of attention than all the phantasmagoric apparatus which it has judged good to surround themselves to better conceal from the profane”. The bad press and the fallacious character of a certain literature, knowingly encouraged by secret societies, allows the latter to better conceal its reality in fictitious stories. The layman who neglects the real influence of these secret groups in the events of everyday life help to camouflage them in full view. So very few peoples know that the flag of the European Union, blue with a circle of gold stars, is, as its creator once stated in the column of a fundamentalist Catholic magazine, the reproduction of the "miraculous medal of the psychic reader of the rue du Bac (Catherine Labouré, sister of Charity in the Parisian convent of the Rue du Bac, canonized by Pius XII in 1947). Therefore, the flag of the European Union is not a coincidence it was chosen for a well-elaborated statement that goes in line with the globalization, and the exclusion of non-white and non-Christian countries thus the entry of Turkey to the European union, a Muslim and non-white country could never happen.

Gurus of all kinds haunt mysteries alleys of political power, from Rasputin that has been accused of having a kind of magico-sexual relation with the tsarina, to the voodoo priests who haunt the arcana of the presidential palace of Gabon. The men of power have always believed in supernatural power to keep their seats if possible. However, far from pouring into a weary mysticism, the relations between politics and the occult obey a skillful mix of material interests and strategic alliances. That is why in Africa, in addition to the customary powers that African heads of states have arrogated to legitimate their power over the tribal disparity of their country, they never forget to be members of Western secretive societies. Since the West is the determining factor in the conquest and the exercise of power by Africans, it is logical for the latter to attach the services of a strong sponsor, to whom they generally remain submissive. It is not good to be in misshape with Western powers, which through the secret organizations to which the African presidents are affiliated have agents in places that work to achieve their most shady plans as an Africa without Africans, advocated by limiting demography and destroying the economic fabric, through neocolonialism that plunge those countries in the abysses of underdevelopment. The breakthrough of the Protestant reformist churches in Africa in recent years is also directly linked to the growing influence of the United States in the management of African affairs. The former president of Benin Yayi Boni was a pastor of these churches, as Francois Bozizé of the Central African Republic. Meanwhile wearing the shepherd’s robe did not prevent them from putting on the apron because they are all initiated and active Freemasons. Another example that proves the filial connection between masonry and Protestantism. The masters of the occult often perform important functions in state apparatuses. In Argentina, in the seventies, Lopez Rega, the magician of the short-lived president Isabel Perón, was promoted not without black humor minister of social welfare, but he found it normal to organize the sinister death squadrons under the triumvirate of the generals. In Romania, the initiator of the false mass grave of Timisoara, the "trial" and execution of Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife was the occultist Geliu Voïcan, author of several esoteric works, he defines himself as "half-mage half gangster."

In France in l993, the Minister of Culture, Then Jack Lang, well known in esoteric circles, and often cited in pedophilia scandals and sexual magic, undertook at Blois a hillside city on the Loire River, in central France, the construction of a National Center for the Arts of Magic. In Europe as well as in the other side of the Atlantic, a lapidary or in-depth analysis of the occult in politics proves the incontestable strength of the Judaic element within Western "occult power." Thus, the genuine Kabbalism which remains very hermetical, is jealously kept by Jews themselves, a proselytizing branch of its doctrine has been created for mercantile and strategic interests because the occultist "neo-Kabbalism" is only a fantasy, an occultist drug infused in low doses with a perverse directional effect which importance lays in the control of the key personalities of the world of the arts and politics.

Hubert Marlin Journalist

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