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Material selection Negrophobia and population control

Thousands of bodies of African migrants who were candidates for entry into the western El Dorado are spat out by the waves of the Mediterranean sea every year, while the Western chancelleries are screaming at the scandal of this African population which continues to grow in an environment of scarce resources, due to external economic pressures, which the main culprit is the deterioration of terms of trade and the inadequacy of policies to meet the needs of the population. At a time when Western nationalisms here and there are re-emerging, because the profits of resources bought at a truncated price in the underdeveloped countries are no longer shared with the poorest classes in the West, who have since accused the cost of the greed of the oligarchy which holds the real power in the form of a synarchy that has authority over political power, since it appoints politicians with its money; It is important to take a cold look at the North-South exchanges. Who benefits from emigration? Would the demographic explosion be a danger for Africans or for Western expansionism which is yearning for resources under the feet of the one billion 200 million Africans?

One must return to the turbulent history between Africa and the West, to understand that the African population has always been a wealth that has nourished the opulence of the West. Slavery, which began at the end of the 15th century, is there to demonstrate it. The West, in need of manpower to carry out its Plutocrates designs, did not hesitate to draw on African human resources for centuries, to build up a treasure of war, which the Western Nations were going to use to confront each other later, with the two World Wars, and the Cold War, which were the apex in this race for hegemony, which was to establish as the undisputed leader of the order of spoliation, the country that mainly benefited from the hate trade, that was slavery. The United States will become the leader of the Western world after the two World Wars, which once again saw in the theater of operations the participation of Africans as cannon fodder. In the first world war Africa will send more than one million men, and more than 100,000 of them will never come back, losing their lives in foreign lands. It will be the same in the Second World War. While the Cold War will be an asymmetrical war that will claim even more victims in conflicts delocalized from the northern hemisphere. It should also be noted in the chapter of slavery that the Arab Muslim slave trade that began in the 7th century lasted more than a thousand years during which more than 20 million of Africans were torn from their land and often castrated in order not to let traces in enslaver countries, like the Abbasid empire whose capital was Baghdad in present-day Iraq. The end of the second world war will see a boom of the birthrate in western countries. The western countries affected by the two wars, will try to replenish their population, and the emergence of a market economy of the American victor will emphasize the Consumption, as the main source of profit and economic growth until the 60 and later, when independence and civil rights will be granted to both African and black Americans to enable them to enter the ranks of the consumerist society, the slot machine of the establishment. Thus the holders of world politics will influence people’s behavior, to allow a flow of manufactured products in the global black populace, to guarantee their profit. If before they were slaves working for the wealth of the Western bourgeoisie, Africans became slaves of consumption enriching the same oligarchy. Consumerism thus became the new plantation. At this level it is important to point out that the law of numbers was tolerated in the global black population only because it directly served as a source of revenue for the Western oligarchy.Paradoxically the openness to the global black community to some types of lifestyles, will also allow the budding of emancipatory ideas. As early as the 1960s, the global black community began to define its models, priorities and modes of consumption.Independent movements in Africa, as well as the black panthers in the Americas, will consequently be ostracized.The great Western financiers feeling the threat that the awareness of the global black populace, was hovering over their interests will activate through their eugenic network, whose racist ideology is no longer to be demonstrated, birth control campaigns in the global black community . In the United States, Margareth Sanger and her organization Planned Parenhood will focus their efforts on the black community, promoting abortions in the ghettos, and distributing contraceptive supplies free of charge, while in several southern states thousands of black women will be sterilized without their consent. Routine visits to hospitals ending with injections killing their eggs irremediably.

In 2010 it was estimated that 60 million black American fetuses were aborted by Planned Parent Hood. However, blacks, who should have had increasing access to stable sources of income under the Civil Rights and Equal Opportunities Act, would nevertheless have had the means to raise their children better. Alas in the United States as elsewhere the laws are a God to whom one refers from time to time to give oneself good conscience, but to which one does not obey daily. So it is important to ask why countries with substantial financial resources, such as the United States, have found as suitable solution indirect genocide, to manage the growth of disadvantaged populations such as the black community? The answer lies in selfishness and white supremacist ideology. As early as the 1970s, while on the African continent, population growth demanded more and more exploitation of resources and a better distribution of dividends from the partnership with the West. The Western authorities did not rely on a revision of the terms of trade, which until then had been to the disadvantage of raw materials producing countries of the southern hemisphere, but rather on a policy of birth control. In the early 1970s, the Memorandum National Security Study 200, designed by the US National Security Council under the leadership of Henry Kissinger, which addressed the implications of global population growth for US security and interests (NSSM200) a secret document that was declassified only in the

1990s, stipulated that the US economy will require large and growing quantities of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries. Hence it is easy to understand that the United States had and continues to have an increased interest in favoring the political regimes that are submissive, as the Congo of Mobutu. The same memo felt it was important to put in place policies that would reduce population in countries such as Nigeria, the largest producer of oil in Africa, whose increasing demographics would undermine the interests of the northern hemisphere countries. Consequently the underdeveloped countries, because of the slavish overexploitation they were undergoing, were going to try to force an increase in the shares allocated to them, and would thus drastically reduce the profits of the Western multinationals. Social discontent, on the other hand, would help sabotage exploitation facilities which, in an odious pattern of serfdom, were doing nothing for the neighboring populations. In Africa, corruption arose in the 1960s and 1970s, for the West had understood that a corrupt system had to be established to sustain its scheme. Corruption became the method of recruitment par excellence for the agents of the heinous exploitation of Africa. It was better to corrupt a few cadres than to repay profits to the people through reliable state organs as taxation. Any attempt to build strong and stable institutional states was aborted by lethal means, despite the cynical rhetoric of the 1990s that demanded democracy in nations where for more than 30 years before, the West had assassinated all Democrats, including Patrice Lumumba of Congo which remains the most flagrant case of political assassination for the slavish economic benefit of the West towards Africa. Since the beginning of the implementation of the great plan to limit the population in the tropics, Africa the richest continent in raw material has never stopped bleeding in human life, with conflicts such as the one in Nigeria during the Biafra war between 1967 and 1970, or the crisis in the great lakes in Rwanda and Congo, which since the 1990s has killed nearly 10 million peoples.

The same goes for the Middle East, a major oil producer which has been plagued by perpetual conflicts. While the United States alone consumes more than 30% of the world's energy resources, and when the US population is also expected to grow, but mostly flipping its number of older peoples, their energy needs should follow the same curve. An old and numerous population consumes more than it produces, as everywhere in the old continent, which is Europe. In Asia as well, the growth of population will be stable but the number of youths will be declining, while in Africa more than half inhabitants are under 30 a tendency that seems to perpetuate. In the West the eugenic ideas well entrenched in the upper class, with peoples like Bill Gates the biggest fortune of the Western world who is an active defender of the limitation of birth in Africa, advocate now an increase in the standard of living of a rich caste of westerners who can afford to buy at exorbitant prices linked to their prestige, a varied range of luxury goods. Poor countries that have populations that cannot afford this kind of fad are likely to disappear, especially as they live in areas where the mineral resources of the subsoil are rich enough to produce Luxury like the latest lavish cell phone. In the Third World the birth of the failed states will happen more often under the blows of boudoir of the West, in its enterprise of proxy wars, which can thus exploit without compensating anybody, but corrupting some dogs of war like in Somalia or in Libya. The poor in the western world are no less threatened with extinction. Also in the United States, for example, where the prison population is mostly black, some states, such as Tennessee, ask detainees to sterilize for remission of their sentence. While in the countries of the Northern Hemisphere the nationalist currents, which are essential in the system of Western predation, put more pressure on black minorities or emigrants whom they falsely accuse to take over jobs reserved for nationals, it is important to emphasize that it is rather the West who lives on the hook of the Third World, even the high-tech industry which readily declares, it creates a wealth of its own, is not immune from any wrongdoing. Several high-tech gadget components are derived from mineral resources obtained in questionable circumstances. And better western companies settled in the third world countries earn a billion times more money than the handful of third world emigrants who live in the West and who send back to their country via expensive transfers of money a tiny part of foreign currency that helps local economies. The big fortunes being transitive , one must understand that the Western bourgeois invest their money all over the world, hundreds of millions of Westerners live directly from the money generated by the multinationals having tentacles in Africa. When it is estimated that the money sent back to Africa by the black diaspora in the West is about $ 60 billion per year , a figure that could double if one considers informal networks sending money to Africa, the aid for development of Western countries towards Africa is only $ 50 billion a year, an aid which is in fact is a loan that contributes to the debt of the Third World countries.At the same time, it is estimated that more than $ 2 trillion generated from exports of raw materials or profits from Western and Asian firms doing business in Africa annually leave the continent, a figure that should be revised upwards, since tax evasion is legion, the profits made in the real, being often revised down artificially, In a context where some African countries have a GDP of less than $ 4 billion. The situation is worrying, and scandalous at will. When some talk about democracy and birth control in the tropics, at the same time they refuse to talk about justice and democracy in North-South exchanges. The English NGO OXFAM in a document published on June 2, 2017 revealed hideous schemes that allow Western and Asian companies to escape the taxation of African countries. Shameless lies on the reality of profits made in the tropics and blackmail at States that need investment and therefore accept unfavorable contracts including through bodies that claim to be respectable like the IMF. Conditions that recall the notion of unequal treaties such as the Tonkin treaty. The most recent of this kind is the Agreements of partnership and exchange with the West, which will ultimately destroy the economic fabric of African countries, since it will help the dumping of Western products of poor quality, that beyond the sclerosis it will bring to the African economic fabric, will eventually contribute to severe endemic diseases such as diabetes and cancers which will contribute as described above to decimate populations, because sub-Saharan Africa cannot afford an efficient health care system because of the impossibility of cost linked to the shady deterioration in the terms of trade.

Hubert Marlin Jr. Journalist.

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