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Money and some drugs destroy solidarity.

The consumer society which has become the norm in so-called industrialized countries, develops a considerable degree of lack of empathy, which is not only due to material comfort; but above all to the devastating side effects of material privileges, to which the Western populace seems to be adept. Jacques Delors said, Western society has given priority to having it to the detriment of being. And somewhere when one has, one dissolves its links with the base hoping to float high. The lack of empathy , outcome of this paradigm, drastically reduces the ability to be human in the full sense of the term.

Serious scientific studies such as those carried out at the University of California, Berkeley tend to prove that those who have more money tend to be less sensitive to the problems of others, yet their money in general was derived from the exploitation of society Which they seem to despise once they have reached a certain social hierarchy. However, in a relationship of more than paradoxical value, those who are more affluent, while they tend to chosify the rest of the world's populace, form rather the group which is chosified by basing their value scale on the possessed material. As inert goods labeled in stores, they also lose their human values.

Money would even be a psychotropic that would drastically change the mind and behavior of individuals, allowing for example certain groups of individuals to resist mentally physical pain better than others. Also in a clinical study in China, where participants were called to plunge their hands into very hot water for a short period of time, participants who had just received a few bundles of banknotes prior to the test had shown a higher tolerance for pain, than those who had just received a blank paper. Also if the one who has the money feels indestructible, he unfortunately still undergo the natural effects of the causal link. The redness on the hands of participants with money and those with none was not different in the contrary. The world of the rich, is made up of illusions that sometimes can translate into tragedy for the rest of society. Especially when one knows that money also implies the power to decide on the affairs of the city, it makes sense to understand why decisions taken by wealthy decision-makers are always the opposite of the interests of the rest of the less affluent populace. If one is no longer able to feel the pain because of wealth, it is there difficult to know where lays the pain to bring the appropriate medication.

Since the French Revolution and the American War of Independence the bourgeois caste has assumed power in the guise of democracy, and its members have become the new tyrants who, through a simple game of chair, have led world public opinion to believe that there was a change at the head of the states of the West. Face are changing but the system remains the same. Some continue to believe that the current norm is the least evil, when all over things seem to evolve for several centuries some are conducting a tidy battle to maintain a political status quo. It is the same bourgeois caste which has the consequent contempt for the rest of the populace, which has been in the business for more than 200 years, reason why the socialist democracies like in Latin America, which often elects a true man or woman from ordinary walk of life to the highest distinction, are their traditional enemy, for it is a challenge to the authority of the most affluent caste which, two hundred years ago, helped to bring down the monarchies to replace them, and has often made propaganda over freedom it brought with the media they control.

While in France there has often been talk of the government of the Enarchs in the United States, the products of the Ivy League college or the capitalist upper bourgeoisie have always controlled political life, applying the bourgeois ideology programs which perennialize the interests of their caste.

The history of the world has proven most often that, things fall apart mostly because the time is up. The greatest achievement of the members of the bourgeois class was to be intelligent enough to fill the void. This oligarchy, which had lived in the shadow of the monarchy. The oligarchy which has been lurking in the shadow of the monarchy simply took over, ruling with the same ruthlessness even under a velvet glove of freedom. Since then, the members of the club of the bourgeois politicians have acceded to the biggest functions in these countries because of their close links with the capitalist industry. Controlling the game among them, with only two reigning faction, which have been ruling for eon.

Beyond the plutocratic aspect of a certain class, Western society also tends to bear the full brunt of this lack of empathy towards the rest of the planet, which seems less well-off. And the fault lies not only in the propaganda of the media which gives a feeling of wealth to the citizens of the northern hemisphere, selling to them the miserabilism of the rest of the planet and consequently its corollary which is the lack of empathy . In the West, agents of the consumer society control all sectors of activity, speculating on everything. Even the protest of the consumer society has become a consumer product with which is watered-down to member of the Western society to give them the impression of wealth and equally to force on them of the right to the management of world’s affairs, under the lens of domination And social prejudice. Consequently, the relations between the north and the south become instead of being bilateral relations, relations of subordination under the rule of the antipathetic tyrants of the West who very rich can not necessarily understand the dramas of the other less affluent. Contempt is the main vector of the genocides that has known mankind. If the lives of some have no value it is normal that when it comes to their dismissal other will have no apprehension.

This paradigm of predisposition to contempt, and antipathy, goes back to an age as distant as slavery time. Because it has been sold To the western world, that a certain race was inferior, and more over super poor. Logically , the degree of empathy of citizens of the northern hemisphere, whose bourgeois class took advantage of slavery, could only increase. Under these conditions, it is rational that the lack of empathy for this ravenous race which Will have skimmed ship’s holds of shame for 4 centuries of servitude became the norm. Nothing but the perpetual earthquake of rebellions in the slave plantations and the desire to transform slaves into a consumer mass could only change the deal. If in 4 centuries nobody had found that the methods of slavery were horrible, it is inadmissible to believe that slavery was abolished simply because one morning, the same people had finally understood that blacks were part of humanity .

A popular African wisdom asserts that one who loves only itself hates everyone. The explosion of technological progress and of science, is a luxury which the West has often been able to afford to the detriment of others, and the pharmaceutical industry of the industrialized countries has since succeeded in making the population of the Northern hemisphere believe that almost everything was possible. Contributing to the exponential development of the ego of the Western population, which since colonization logically believes that without the civilizing mission of colonization certain peoples who had always lived in harmony for thousands of years and who had never asked anything to anybody would have been decimated by Diseases of which they themselves were the main vectors.

The superabundance of the medication of the countries of the northern hemisphere instead of translating a certain opulence hides a more disturbing reality when it comes to solidarity between peoples. Also some of the best-selling drugs, often without a prescription are actually psychotropic, because they are able to change mental activity in the long term. And by consequence they modify all that relates to the psyche, conferring on those who consume them the lowest degree of empathy and a self-esteem which often borders on indecency. In this category of psychotropic drugs there are amphetamines which, besides giving some individuals an imposing musculature and a slowing down of aging, also give a sense of domination over one another, they widen the gap between those who can Afford rejuvenation and those who cannot. Antidepressants, calming, or sleeping pills and other analgesic pain pills, also contribute to the destruction of the degree of empathy towards others. Also analgesics made from acetaminophen or paracetamol known generically as Dafalgan in francophone countries or Tylenol in the United States are responsible for the high degree of antipathy of populations that consume them abundantly.

According to clinical studies, there is a great difference in the apprehension of the emergency to aid the victims, between subjects who take these painkillers and those who do not. When two groups of participants read short scenarios in which a person was physically or emotionally distressed; study subjects who had taken acetaminophen, thought that people in the scenarios had less pain and suffering and therefore did not need help, while subjects who did not take Analgesics thought that the situation described in the scenarios was quite critical for doing nothing. The same study proved that the subjects put under this kind of medication seemed to de-dramatize the violence of explosions. They felt very comfortable with a noisy type of music. A mind that lives in permanent din will not have hearing ability to hear and understand subtle questions.

More than a quarter of the population of the northern hemisphere is constantly taking this type of medication and more than 70 percent have taken it at least once in their lives, implying that the thread of world news by analogy will have 25 per cent less chance of seeing the people of the northern hemisphere take action against the injustice that would have suffered for example the poor population of Africa, and the Middle East, due to the unjust wars, imposed by the leaders of the countries of the northern hemisphere. As for the drug, combined with the feeling of apparent or fictitious wealth that reinforces the non-empathy, one finds itself at the end with a group of individuals who in the long term will have only a negative influence on the durability of humanity. A terrible situation When one knows what it is the hold of Western countries on the management of world’s affairs.

In result, the less wealthy countries according to the western scale of value, and the least exposed to the consumption of analgesics, should stop hoping for the help and empathy of a group of individuals who Will never have any for them. The bourgeoisie does not like the effort, especially if it means to try, to be better acquainted with and understanding the others. A bourgeoisie which, alas, by tropicalizing itself, has also become mistress of the destinies of the populations of the southern hemisphere, could only worsen the situation of an area which has a screaming need for solidarity to move on.

Hubert Marlin E. Jr.


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