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Women prefer the least beautiful men

When it comes to love the beautiful is only an artifice, an ingredient, that if it can be determinant to attract attention, seems to evaporate when it comes to the foundation of stable relationships. Women remain very cautious and thoughtful when they decide to choose their partner in life. They seem to close their eyes to physical criteria more easily than men, who remain very sensitive to them during the essential phase of attraction and seduction, prelude to the sentiment of love. Men remain less thoughtful and function more emotionally. Like during their teenage years, they generally seem to pour into egotism by often trying to get the trophy that would be most coveted by their peer because of the Physical attractiveness. The psychotherapist Michele Freud, author of Slimming and Reconciling with oneself, Albin Michel, 2003 affirms that for men the beauty of women is a kind of sturdiness.

It marks their social success, so they look for it among their partners. Meanwhile only the most affluent will tend as kids to afford the most amazing toy that their means or those of their parents allow them. They prove by this fact that, maturity in men remains a very furtive notion for some. However, women, easily declare that male beauty is not a major asset. Some even admit that it scares them. Living with a coveted man, would cause too much anxiety. They attribute more importance to intelligence, power, social status, humor, and will be physically charmed by a detail or overall harmony. However, if women are not too much looking at the physical beauty it is no less true that their cute sin in this period of great tribulation, remains the status of the man. Women adore powerful men this is a fact, no doubt, it’s due to their desire for security, in an increasingly materialistic world. All else being equal, the wealthiest men who remain kids somehow, will necessarily pay for the women they want, and paradoxically the less beautiful men when they are rich are also those who have fewer problems in finding themselves Companions and keeping them. While the rich and beautiful men, will find companions who generally leave them, because they are not feeling safe if they are more materially independent the feeling of losing one day this man so beautiful and rich haunts their relationship.For teenagers love relationships have a different meaning, the carelessness of tomorrows and the lack of responsibilities puts them in the logic of everything is possible. They love to believe that love can transcend all differences. Physical beauty is one of the fundamental elements in the formation of couples. The most favored by nature live their successes as due to their personal qualities. The less seductive ones rarely come to admit why they cannot flirt.According to a recent study made by the CSA research, the relation between beauty and women remains very personal. Far from clichés about beauty as a seduction tool, women are beautiful above all ... for themselves, to be self-confident (50%) and secondarily to affirm their style, personality (26%) and Only 16% to please. It is a constraint for only 7% of them. On this question, there is a strong generational divide: 46% of 18-24-year-olds say they have confidence in themselves. Same for 63% of those aged 65 and over. Young people see their image more as a weapon of seduction: 21% of 18/24-year-olds and 25% of 18-34-year-olds do their best to please. However, a gulf exists between the sexes in relation to the perception of the female body. Asked about this, psychologist Danielle Desjardins argues that women who do not consider themselves as pretty as their spouse says do not have a high self-esteem. They are judged solely based on aesthetic standards. "These women forget that their lovers perceive their beauty according to an emotional, cognitive and relational dynamic," not just physical.The last paradox of beauty and romantic relationships remains the logic that the most beautiful girl in the world will not attract the men who suit her if she neglects the flourishing of her personality. On the contrary, she tends to attract men who are primarily interested in her physical attributes and not in her internal qualities. Conversely, a woman whose physique will be less dazzling, but dotted with strong and balanced personality, will meet much more easily men who will appreciate her to her true value.

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