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Subliminal weapons and social unrest

The mind controls the body, and who controls minds can control the actions of individuals. The technology on the influence of human behavior, since Nazi Germany has remained very secret. Recruitment of Nazi brains after the fall of the Third Reich, during the Operation Paper clip exported biotechnology specialists to the United States, while the Eastern bloc countries did not step back in the field.

Technics of mind control have advanced phenomenally, since it was established that electromagnetic energy could be used to influence, inhibit, or kill a man remotely. Nicolas Tesla was a pioneer in the study of the effects of electromagnetism on the human organism, while later E.L. Chafee and R.U. Light published in 1934 a work on a Method for Remote Control of the Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System .

One of the earliest uses of electromagnetic waves on people, clearly documented, occurred in the United States after the Second World War. In order to make practically invincible, some units of the US Army, the Nazi Doctor, Dietrich Beischer irradiated 7,000 American soldiers at the Naval Aerospace Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Florida. The experiments were aimed at the control of fear and the introduction into the human mind of certain vital functions, under the impulse of electromagnetic waves. This would have helped build an army of soldiers of the future, capable of behaving like robots on the battlefield.

After the experience to sublimate the armed troops led to a mitigated result, the human spirit revealing itself more complex than the box in which the scientists wanted to enclose it. The Western countries and the Soviet Union, then focused on the civilian use of electromagnetic waves to influence the control of the population. Also since 1974 for example the US Department of Defense, proposed the use of radio broadcasts, which can allow control by hypnosis. In the specific case the radio programs broadcasted by certain channels can be coded with subliminal messages which will have as objective, to influence the behavior of listeners.

For those who still keep in mind the murderous madness that seized some Rwandan populations during the 1994 genocide, it is easy to realize the critical role played by radio mille collines in the indoctrination of the masses. Therefore it’s logical to ask whether the war on the great lakes which has been wanted by several western chancelleries since the 1960s, with the aim of capturing the immense resources of the region, Did not know the use of these unthinkable methods, to set fire to the beams?

Indeed, it is difficult to believe that the murderous madness that seized these peoples, was simply linked to the assassination of a president, or to the harangue of the crowds by some ethno-fascist radio Chronicler. The murderous fury of April 6, 1994 remains strange, if one get out of the clichés of the African, this wild and cannibal, animal , that this tragedy reinforced in the western imagination. In a record never equaled a million people will find death by guns and machetes in a few weeks. This macabre carpet will ultimately help the troops in phase with Western intelligence agencies like the CIA to march towards power.

Until 2016, it is estimated that conflicts in the Great Lakes region continue to produce an average of one thousand deaths per day, so even the most discerning analysts believe that, the depopulation pattern of the region rich in mineral resources, Is not at all absurd. The memo (National Security Study Memorandum 200) submitted to the Nixon administration in 1970 by the US National Security Council led by Henry Kissinger made it clear that populations such as those living above geological scandal as the Congo, eventually would be a threat to their exploitation by the Western powers, including the United States. From what it emerges, one soon realizes what are the origins, of the tragedy in the great lakes. Consequently, measures aimed at population reduction in underdeveloped countries, producing mineral resources had been advocated by the Nixon administration, which launched an extensive family planning program in Africa under the impetus of eugenists such as Margaret Higgins Sanger, who had a profound disdain for the black population, to believe in her sympathy to save the latter from a demographic disaster. Wars in Africa and in the Middle East, regions overabundant in mineral resources, should no longer suffer from their illogical, or strictly intangible and religious sense.

During the conflict in the Persian Gulf in 1991, the British news agency ITV reported one of the first known cases of subliminal weapon use, during an armed conflict. The Iraqi army undertook to destroy a radio station located in the deserted city of Al-Khafji located 12 kilometers south of the Kuwaiti border. The radio channel was destroyed not merely because it broadcasted programs that tended to demoralize the troops in the "Tokyo Rose" genre, of the Second World War, but above all because, according to ITV, the true mission of the station was to disseminate "the new type of high-tech subliminal messages, referred to as" silent sound "or ultra-high frequency" silent subliminal". Although totally silent for the human ear, the negative messages combined with the bands of programs, designed by Psi Ops specialists were clearly perceived by the subconscious of the Iraqi soldiers, and these silent messages demoralized them completely, Instilling a permanent feeling of fear in their minds. It is important to recall here that, subliminal messages can be transmitted without bombarding individuals with electromagnetic radiations, by simply stimulating them by means of images or verbal messages camouflaged in the middle of other medias, which can be identified only by the unconscious. Subliminal messages are used in the world of advertising, music and film to convince consumers to buy products or adopt a certain behavior.

Nowadays there is very little doubt, about the existence of crowd control systems using radio frequencies. The development of this type of equipment would complement, well-known acoustic and infrared weapons, and were published in the British Defense Catalog until 1983. This included the "Valkyrie" (abnormal vision impairment in the dark) and the "Speaker developed by the USA during the Vietnam War. The "Speaker" was used to induce a feeling of dizziness and nausea. These weapons are essentially directional, allowing people to be reached invisibly, spreading distress and confusion in the crowd ... In 1984 the English Ministry of Defense ordered that all advertisements and references about this weapons to be removed from the Defense Catalog ". In 2014, during the riots of black populations in the United States, against police violence, microwave weapons were used by security forces in St Louis, Missouri.

At various degrees of frequency, and depending on the type of desired effect, it is possible to force the crowds to manifest, or to be subject to transient mental pathologies, such as rage, without leaving the slightest trace. In the same way, it is possible to render a group of individuals totally docile and amorphous.

The operating mode of these anti-personnel weapons, has crossed the limits of the imaginable, with satellite transmission. Also, it is possible that a group of people may be influenced at phenomenal distances, directly or indirectly, with HAARP, which is defined as the High Frequency Auroral Research Program. The aim is to use the energy potential of the ionosphere, to develop radio surveillance of the world's population. Jointly funded by the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the program would be able to influence not only humans as we saw in the Arab Spring and the crisis in Ukraine, but also the climate helping tsunamis and earthquakes.

Moreover, it is logical to think that the populations of countries like the United States will never revolt, not because the American democracy is perfect, but because the government of the shadow, has a total hold on the control on the minds of American peoples. In the civilian field, if inventors such as Robert Sweet, owner of US Pat. No. 5,270,800 of December 14, 1993 relating to combined subliminal* message and supra-liminal * generator , for use with a television receiver that allows full control of subliminal messages and their presentation, have achieved technological prowess with very little means, one can imagines what government agencies with substantial resources can create and apply with the complicity of mainstream media.

Outside The external influence of radiation, the control of the thought has took a more venal forms, in the implantation of emitters or electronic chips in individuals' bodies. The scheme described in the Mandchurian Candidate by Richard Condon published in 1959 and brought to the big screen in 1962 and 2004 is not in the realm of the impossible, for if in 1974 the first successful transmission of human voices, directly into the skull Of a human person was realized by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, and Walter Reed of the US Army Research Institute, transforming the voice of an ELF hypnotist (extremely low frequency electromagnetic hypnotist), nowadays The introduction of emitters as dental implants for example, has given even more convincing results. Beyond the ambition of some to implant electronic chips that would better identify individuals, their medical and banking history as well. Electronic chips implanted in individuals organisms can also be activated, to emit or receive electromagnetic waves, which would influence human behavior and track their daily activity. From the base of the controls of individuals under implants, one would be able to see what the subjects would see and hear everything they say, while inciting them to certain behaviors. An unspeakable Violation of privacy.

Beyond the manipulation of the masses by a caste of individuals who master science. the control of thought involves several objections. From the ethical point of view, the prospect of a degree of physical control of the mind faces a pleiad of challenges. From the theological and legal point of view it is a scandal that calls into question the sacredness of the soul of individuals, and their moral responsibility, because it affects the free-will. How could one be guilty of having committed acts which one is not aware of ? Individual responsibilities in this regard are greatly disrupted. The natural objections are not less, for the disturbance of the mental order of individuals, can undermine the mechanisms of self-defense, while philosophical and sociological objections focus on the threat that such practices Would cause on personal identity.

Hubert Marlin


Tokyo Rose * Japanese propaganda programs that exacerbated the sense of family of Western soldiers by stigmatizing families about the horrors of soldiers at the front, so that families That the soldiers stop fighting, or that the soldiers themselves feel the need to leave the fighting to rejoin their families.

Subliminal * stimulus or mental process, below the threshold of sensation or consciousness; Perceived or affecting the minds of an individual without the knowledge of the individual.

Supra liminal: above the threshold of consciousness.

Sources: Jose Delgado: Contrôle physique de l’esprit : Vers une société psycho civilisée (Physical control of the mind: Towards a psycho civilized society)

Michel Duchaine: L’armement secret du Nouvel Ordre Mondial (Secret weapons of the New World Order: remote-controlled electromagnetic frequency weapons)

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