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Being 25 at 40 it’s possible ...

The fear of aging, despite the progress of the quality of life of our era is not less palpable in women, and often women are aging merely to the idea of ​​aging, yet the first trick to stay young is to assume your age, and to assume your age does not imply to exhibit the burden of that age by adorning yourself in an antiquated manner. On the contrary, the joy of life, regardless of age, is a major indicator of eternal youth. The first rule is in general, not to refuse some freedom while considering the degree of tolerance of your organism after 35.

Modern women in any case have no choice, outside the potential offered by scientific and technological progress, their integration into couple life, is happening more and more late. The most frequently cited reasons are the academic curriculum, and career demands, which leave very little room for idylls, which often lead to marriage and motherhood, which is considered rightly or wrongly as a source of aging for women, because of the upsetting of the female body during pregnancy, and after childbirth.

However far from offend grandma methods, which allowed a regeneration of tonicity of the body after childbirth. The modern woman has new assets, which allow her to return to her prenatal line 4 weeks after childbirth, by gymnastics, massages, and adequate nutrition.

For women who, after 35 years of age, are not always mothers or married, to stay young, one must not despair by counting the time that passes, but rather by counting the time one passes, crunching life at full mouth Without losing sight on some objectives to reach. Goals such as having a husband, or children, which even though they do not depend entirely on themselves, should not overshadow their joie de vivre. An attitude of resilience and moral equilibrium in the face of the pitfalls, that could occur in life, is an asset that allows them to flourish and often find the soul mate. A soul mate who should not necessarily be the dreamed ideal, imposed by consumerism and its agents like TV series and others, but the sum of experiences lived both by herself and her entourage. At the age of 35, the modern woman in general is no longer a virgin, and necessarily she knows physiologically and morally what would suit her based on everyday life or her past. Even when taking a man like the one she would have had in the past it is important, for her to adopt an attitude of the present that would correct, what has not worked in the past, thus healing a troubled past with a clairvoyant present. And better the husband that one does not always find can be substituted by the children that one can afford to have by banks of sperm, surrogate mothers or adoption.

Women aged 35 and 40, have an advantage that they tend to underestimate, even when they take care of themselves. Yet, when one has the body of a 25-year-old woman, the maturity of mind and material self-sufficiency of a 40-year-old woman in general it’s irresistible. Taking this asset into account, can often make wonderful changes in the lives of those who are aware of it.

It is important to note that the expansion of new modes of sexuality, and marriage should only force women to lengthen their youth, to remain “competitive” while adding value to their person as marriable men become more and more the target of other social groups and phenomena, such as homosexuality, and virtual sexuality, the biggest of which is pornography on the internet. The added value should not be an additional pressure to put on, but rather mean to make an introspection that would allow them, to prevail their assets in a society that increasingly regards competition as a norm. And better, the fact that their male counterparts often tend to marry under 30s still dwarfs their luck.

At 40, you should remain sensual, without going into hypersexuality, which tends to fade more quickly. The woman who engages in excessive sex especially with different partners on the metapsychic level encroaches on the loss of sexual energy. The multiplicity of partners can be a danger, creating a parapsychological disorder, that undeniably translates to their physical aspect. Some scientific studies tend to prove that the sexual act can influence the structure of DNA, by adding traces of partners with whom one has sexual intercourses. A situation that is found in the corollary, lovers who have lived together for a long time, seem to look alike at old age. It is well known that during sexual exchanges the heat produced and the exchanges of secretions, are open doors to the material and subconscious parts of individuals, and a multiplicity of foreign DNA traces can be a disaster, while limiting the number of sexual partner, seem to balance energy flows, for a simple reason. Having sex with a partner, your body has become accustomed to can help better fight some diseases by strengthening the immune system.

In addition, it has long been proven that women produce oxytocin, a hormone that is responsible for cardinal feelings, when it comes to love and life in society, because this hormone influences self-confidence, the attachment they feel towards someone, and the maternal instinct. Women produce this hormone in important circumstances of their sexual and maternal life. During sexual intercourse, they produce an abundant amount of it in the vaginal secretions, which are a stimulus to their orgasm. During childbirth, they also produce a lot of it to help them become more attached to their child. Also, excessive sexual intercourse of a woman will make scarce this hormone, exposing her to partial frigidity, to the loss of attachment, a vector of long lasting relationship that can lead to marriage, while the loss of maternal instinct, would isolate even more.

Beyond remaining young in the head, the attitude in everyday life, must also follow the trend. Public image specialists, generally advise women over 35, to avoid chignons and Hair straighteners for women of color, as this tends to stretch the skin and harden the face, which often loses its softness when aging.

Above all it is essential to stand straight wearing heels not very high, which gives the look of a dynamic person. During the summer or if one lives in warm climates, it is important to wear Cheerful and colorful dresses. Similarly, it is necessary to draw also in the masculine style, shirts, trousers and sneakers often add to the impression of youngness, robustness and suppleness.

Regarding makeup, despite the current wave of the magic brush which uses several layers of Powder for an often-amazing result, it is advisable for women over 35, not to use too much powder and reduce the makeup in its simplest expression. The powder in general goes into wrinkles, and gives a heavy look to the skin, which often can take a shot of old. The excessive use of makeup product creates other skin complications, well known by dermatologist like bumps and blushing, because of the weakening of the skin.

On the contrary, it is advisable to use several layers of toning cream, 2 or 4 every morning to replenish the skin, while spraying it with rose water every day. Similarly, it is advisable to avoid getting irritated constantly. Bitter grins, often give bad wrinkles.

Beyond all these tips it is also essential for the 40-year-old woman to assume her age while avoiding playing the grandmothers, because the stress that could emanate from the feeling of wanting to stay young at any price can have negative effects on her general appearance, as well as neglect due to an attitude of early senescence. In the end, it is not necessary to live to feed desires, but to live to consume desires either by filling them or by understanding them.

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