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Color integration tool, or Integrity of identity

To refuse your past is to commit suicide in the present and the future no longer exists, the identity of a man or a community is above all its memory, memory is what one is. What one recalls as know-how and experience of life to improve its own life and that of others. From what precedes it is therefore undeniable that a people whose history is flouted is called to perdition.

However, it is important to note that memory can be induced to achieve an expected result such as the one aimed at the total erasure of a community and its authentic attributes. Thus, as far as the blacks are concerned, their history, their memory, their past has been perverted so that their present and their future should correspond to what was expected of them. Slavery and submission to an order dominated by The Western establishment. Over the centuries, epochs have undoubtedly changed, but the paradigm remains the same. Hence it was natural to invent a legend of the so-called black race to make out of it, a race of slave both at the present during the period of slavery, and in the future with the consumerist society of this era.

The main rule of capitalism is profit and to make a large profit it is important that production costs be amortized or the output has to be sold at a price that would make a significant profit; and the difference in the balance, Is always paid by those who do not always have the means to know or to say no. Also with the current consumerism the Western black community is formatted to consume instead of creating. It is absurd to note that the black community in the United States with the lowest average income in the whole country is the only one that consumes almost half of the manufactured goods supplied by a mastodon like the American economy. This tends to be better understood, when the same community spends 99% of its income on products supplied by businesses owned by non-members of its community, While less than 10% of its average income is spent on business investment, despite the fact that their personal businesses are virtually non-existent, too often they prefer to be business partners with members of other communities, since according to them they have no guarantee on their investment return with their fellow blacks who are poorly equipped or untrustworthy.

Those who creates in the western society have the rank of demi-gods. Apart from the latitude to create they also have and above all the means of a god who answers prayers, responding to the needs of those who make them richer by buying their products. Wealth, which in a capitalist society places them in the front rows of those who are called elite.

While the Western Black community is formatted, and perpetually stimulated to its slot machine function, the African black community in its turn is formatted in a manner that that undermine its ability to exploit its own natural resources. With a technology transfer that is denied, And by the insidious but lethal induction of the extraversion mentality.

Machinery and technology have drastically reduced the need for labor, from the community that was once forced into slavery. On the continent without conducting open warfare, the West has succeeded in capturing all the key sectors of the economies of the countries of Africa in the south of the Sahara. In view of the overall situation of the black man, there are reasons to believe that the future will be a white African diaspora and an Africa without Africans, when the different formatting policies have achieved their final objective.

Africans from all walk of life who often curiously claims Western formatting, which has produced scourges like slavery, colonialism, and neo-colonialism which is essentially based on the predation of mineral resources and the economic strangulation of African countries, Confirms their existence solely under the creation of their Western master. The maxim of Victor Hugo, per which Africa exists only because the white man touched it, takes on its full meaning.

The western society is essentially capitalist, and some have understood that what makes them influential members of the global black community, is their ability to speculate to profit, and they necessarily speculate only on what is left to move forward in the " Assimilationist integration which leaves no chance of survival to the future generations who should fight not be free of their choices but to enter a mold that would make them elected and accepted people.

Cultural genocide in some countries such as the United States and Canada, which are the only countries to have had a black community that has put no form of resistance to oppression by creating as in the south of the Americas, languages Like Creole, the only thing that remains is the color that has no cultural connection anymore, but remains simply physical, and the only identity that the color assumes is linked to the rejection of the racialist society, which thus creates a group of peoples Who are forced to live in a certain way. Again, the creation of this avatar is the work of the dominant force that is the white establishment.

Respect for the non-white identity, integrity, and multiculturalism of the various peoples does not exist in the West. These are vain words which require the colored representation of certain races in a world tailored to the measure of the dominant force. Prior to terrorism, Islamic and Arabic culture was fought both in the West and in the East, but the Arab type formatted in the Western paradigm is tolerated but the hyper culturalized type has become a terrorist to be fought. And the refusal to improve retrograde customs of some, is liable not only in the bad faith of those who brazenly continued to practice them, but it became much more a symbol of defiance against the dominant force. Unfortunately, the victims are still the weakest, like the veiled women or the minors who are forcibly married.

It is important to note that the paradigm of color and integration, as defined and experienced by the hundreds of millions of Africans around the world, is not multiculturalism, which is only a hidden sex , to the globalization of a pattern of thought, defined by the dominant force. A dominant force which in effect benefits by its armies, the greatest persuasive force that allows it to impose its rules in the management of the affairs of the world.

Respect for the integrity of the identity of the so-called black race is tolerated in the Western world only when it is consistent with the black identity that was created by the founding fathers of the West. For only the identity resulting from slavery and colonization facilitates the perpetuation of the power of the Western egregore over the global black community. It becomes almost impossible to claim a genuinely African identity and to live without pitfalls in a white world; It is a reality that the reactionaries to the established unjust order should understand. Despite these turpitudes, they have the heavy task of reinventing themselves a world that would respond to the philosophy of life that they know best. An arduous but not impossible task especially when one does not make the mistake of thinking that technological progress, belongs to the white man and should therefore be rejected in the redefinition of the Afro authentic paradigm. Technological progress belongs to humanity as whole, each contributing to it, in its own way, even if the discoveries of some are obscured when one wishes to satisfy the domineering ego of a community whose communitarianism is so global that it has become the norm that gives it authority and invisibility. In 2017, when we take stock of the conquest of the pseudo-freedom of black peoples in civil rights movements across the Atlantic, in the wars for independence and the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa when one has the audacity, To look the truth in the face it’s easy to realizes that the apostles of the black struggle that have established themselves in the Western press have fought to turn black women and men whites in the present and in the future. For at the time, when the African languages ​​are extinguished, at the moment when the ancestral memory is drying up and the black men and the so-called modern black women do absolutely everything that whites peoples do, in a design thought and defined by the white man. Now, there is only the color to tell the difference between black and white, in a white world. The past 100 years have made the world much more white in the black diaspora in the West, while in Africa the world remains black just because of underdevelopment, which is soon assigned to the definition of what Is Africa, wilderness and poverty, while African culture, which should not be confused with underdevelopment, is an endangered species, because some have also made it clear to Africans that development meant being discarded from their culture . And if the white man had seen everything wrong, where will this white world led us?

Hubert Marlin

Journaliste ecrivain

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