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The demonstrations in the so-called Anglophone part of Cameroon Serve the agenda of the prince of Et

In the light of the record of more than 34 years in power, the electoral year opened in Cameroon with eddies in the fetish town of Renouveau, Bamenda. The capital of the Northwest region, which saw the birth of the Cameroonian people democratic movement, the ruling party on March 24, 1985, remains a symbol of significance for Mr. Biya who nearly lost the presidential elections in 1992 against a native of the same city. Ni John Fru Ndi.

In recent years despite the terrorist crisis in northern Cameroon, the union has not taken place around a leader, but around a country, and it is the leader who has since benefited from this lull. criticized for his scabrous management of the country with his notorious absenteeism, his promptness to serve the colonial forces to the detriment of the Cameroonian people bogged down in an unnamed misery, Mr. Biya nevertheless managed to bolster his tenure. While the hordes of terrorists mowed hundreds of innocent lives in the north of the country, Paul Biya was the first beneficiary of the emergency situation because Cameroonians on all sides were to postpone their political and social quarrels to fight an enemy that undermined the territorial integrity of the Nation and peace in the country that remained a benchmark in Africa, especially since the enemy came from the neighboring Nigeria, a country that has a long history of hassle towards Cameroon since the odious loss Of a chunk of the Northern Cameroon, in favor of the British Empire, and the different wars between the two countries, of which the frontier conflict of Bakassi is the most recent.

The political system whose epicenter is in Etoudi, has since benefited from a breath of air, because of the appeasement and essentialism of a people who remain greatly bruised by indigence despite the economic growth. A slim growth which benefits only foreign multinationals who pay a shabby wage to their Cameroonian workforce, all under the benevolent gaze of the apparatchiks of the ruling class and their leader who are dealing with the barons of the Western multinationals who know very well how to do business with negroes. Also, they prefer to disinterestedly bribe the big bonnets of the regime, in lieu of paying taxes in due form, taxes that when they are nonetheless paid in a reduced way are generally embezzled and the money diverted into tax havens.

It is in this already difficult situation that the riots intervened in the regions of the south-west and north-west, regions where a good part of the history of the country and the national construction was made, (Buea was the Capital of the Kamerun) were nibbled by the British during a colonial period, that should never have been. Cameroon having never been the colony neither of France nor Great Britain, underwent a conspiracy that aimed at its implosion since 1919. The French and the British wanting to divide the country altogether managed to get to the point of their design. One colonial power recovering a part of the country which was added to its empire leaving the door open to a possible increase of its benefit with the simulacra of referendum. And the other fighting the nationalism to make the rest of the country its backyard. The colonial management of Cameroon has left time bombs that could be activated at one time or another. Paul Biya having been at the right school, knows how to play the infamous game of politics. He loves to tell anyone who wants to hear that he is the best student of Western democracy in Africa and that does not last long in power who wants but who can. The best student knows how to use Machiavellianism to achieve his goals, because the opportunity is too good to be a mere chance. On the eve of the presidential elections the situation in the two so-called English-speaking regions, (an abuse of language because the people of these regions speak their local languages ​​first and use pidgin second more than English which is only the third Language) borders on the absurd when one looks at the situation outside the ethno-fascist microcosm so peculiar to Cameroon, where the ethnic group passes first and defines the relations between citizens, one realizes that there is a camouflage of tribal claims , A cowardly prowess as long as one is a wise soul to understand. Some Cameroonians, think that it is necessary to hide their tribalism under the union jack, to make it more acceptable in the eyes of the world. The scenario is so well written that many see nothing but fire. The current situation has managed in a few weeks to divide opinions in Cameroon, while for many it was clear that the country was going very badly, and that it was necessary to do something. Francophone and Anglophone alike, thought so.

Today Cameroonians look at each other once again. like dogs of faience. Unrest is waging between those Who find it normal to burn and trample national emblems. and between those who believe that national unity, must be preserved at all cost, including by force.

With a blow of a magic wand, the situation has succeeded to divide Cameroonians. The prince of Etoudi can be sure, to have torpedo the efforts of change of a good fringe of the malcontents. Many who do not recognize themselves in the violence or the destruction of national symbols, are obliged once again to save the essential, and this essentiality silently includes the same boat captain.

The polarization of the debate is so serious, that there is almost no room for those, who say that there is not an Anglophone problem, but a problem of governance against the whole country. The intransigence of Anglophone protesters serves only the interests of the prince and his heirs. relegating the rest of the populace of the country, as francophone, a term which the so-called francophone refutes in general, force the latter to support the power in place which whatever one says, has the means to safeguard the territorial integrity of the country. It is unacceptable that the secessionists want to punish 20 millions of other Cameroonians, who have never done any wrong against them, a depredation that serves only the power in place.

Some barons of the ruling class, would be willing to drop a part of the country, to be Sure to continue to lead the country. By eliminating the northwest and southwest regions of the country map, the clan of the apparatchiks, whose the current first lady is one of the likely successors, logically, could continue to reign in Yaoundé, whereas after the current president one would expect an alternation of Leaders who would come from other provinces that until then have never been elected, to manage the country at the highest level. The Anglo Bami axis, a great pretender to the supreme power, would suddenly lose millions of voters and find itself marginalized while the southern and northern regions would become the only electoral force capable of making and defeating the kings.

The secessionists would find themselves losing because if they consider that their regions contain oil reserves they forget that the reserves of this part of the country remain very modest and with decades of exploitation it is probable that the latter are at the time almost completely depleted, while the rest of the country with mining resources discovered in the north, the prospect of new oil refineries by 2017 to directly transform the newly discovered oil in the Kousseri region and the major assets that are the port in Deep water of Kribi, mines of the eastern region, make of Cameroon a rich country . And worse the drop of oil prices that will continue to worsen especially since the United States are looking to become the largest producer of oil with new technologies like fracking, while at the same time strategically fighting Russia one of the largest oil producer in the world, those who expect that " They will have their own El Dorado”, should rather think twice about. The logic would be that, given the fact that their region has been exploited, at the time these resources dry up, they would benefit from staying Cameroonians , so in their turn they will benefit from resources coming from other regions. And worse, the wealthiest part of the South-West has shown to be more moderate, and there is no evidence that they would accommodate the boiling Bamenda in the event of secession. All this without downgrading the fact that, the number of the human factor also opens to opportunity.

If governance has failed so far, the Nation has not always failed, Cameroonians of all sides have always lived together and the current rhetoric that makes Anglophones better and honest than Francophones who would all have a corrupt and haughty mentality, serves only to further polarize the citizens; dividing them for shady interests. Politicians sell illusions that peoples buy with their disillusionment, agents provocateurs have always helped the rulers and opponents to reach their objectives, and what happens in Cameroon today is a classic case, for those who know, or who take the trouble to think outside the prism that is imposed on them with subtlety. It is not the system of government that must be changed in Cameroon, it is a whole mentality that should be revised from north to south and from east to west. The solution is not elsewhere but in Cameroonians. It is not the system that makes a country but peoples who make the system in turn help a country to move on. the institutions will never be strong without the strong men and the strength of man often is in humility and Justice.

Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist Writer

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