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Flags tell much more about the philosophy of the forces that govern this world

The pan-African colors (red, green, yellow) that are used in many African flags, especially in West Africa, originated in Ethiopia in the nineteenth century.

In 1897, shortly after the victory of the Ethiopians over Italy, which preserved the inviolability of its territory, the emperor Menelik II adopted as a national flag a standard struck with red, yellow, and green colors. Ethiopia became one of the few nations in Africa to preserve its sovereignty during the dismemberment of Africa in the nineteenth century by the Berlin conference and the colonial activities of the West on the continent that had existed for centuries.

Thus, green represents the hope but also the greenery of the African continent. The red, recalls the courage of the ancestors of the country symbolizing the blood poured by the people who fought for their freedom. Yellow is the symbol of power and gold, Africa's riches, light and sun so abundant in the tropics. It is in tribute to the Ethiopian nation that many countries of the continent adopted these colors during their independence in the second half of the twentieth century.

green, red and yellow colors can be seen on many African flags in the sixties because of the influence of pan-Africanist movements on the independence of the states of Africa in the south of the Sahara. These colors have nothing to do with Colonial powers like France, to burn them is to burn African pride. Haile Selassie was one of the largest sponsors of Pan-Africanist movements. the Negus of Ethiopia, influenced the adoption of these colors by the African states to remind them that they were all children of the same source from ancient Egypt Which had itself already fought foreign forces to maintain its independence, as did the neighboring Nubia of Queens Candaces against the Roman Empire centuries later.

Concerning Cameroon, which has since been plagued by secessionist movements with demonstrators trampling on one of the strongest symbols of justice and independence in Africa, it should be noted that the choice of green and red Yellow of this flag was made by André Marie Mbida the first, Cameroonian prime minister who to the vexation of the colonists replaced the red white blue flag by the green yellow red flag on May 12, 1957 while editing the motto of the country, peace work fatherland refusing to abide to the provisions of the colonial code in force which prohibited the flotation of a flag other than that of France in all Cameroonian public buildings in these years of colonial oppression .

Andre Marie Mbida will be dismissed from his post in a coup d'état of the French government which will send their emissary Jean Ramadier in 1958 to settle once and for all the question of the union of the populations of Cameroon which wanted a total independence of the country and André Marie Mbida, the Prime Minister who had the audacity to expel the French colonists and begin a nationalization of the cadres and of the economy.

The Cameroonian rebellion will be put to death with a balance of nearly 500,000 dead while the veiled servitude of the odious relations France Africa will begin with President Ahmadou Ahidjo who was chosen to replace André Marie Mbida.

In contrast, the blue white and red colors, mostly found in Western flags represent the idea of ​​the supremacy and fraternity of the White race. The blue color represents the royal blood, the white color the aristocratic ruling class and the red color war. It should be noted here that, when the Western Red represents war, in Africa it represents the supreme sacrifice for freedom and common blood. The notion of oppressor and oppressed is easy to understand.

Moreover, it must be understood that in the Eurasian philosophy which has transpired in the organization of states in the West, a nation is divided into three classes. The black who are the people who work for the ruling white class, all under the rule of the army and the police, which represents the red class which is the secular arm of the white power. This logic was adopted after the revolution of 1789, which abolished the division of the third estate, the aristocracy, and the clergy.

It must also be known that the royal blue blood implies the black blood which was often the basis of the Western empires, the Moorish Spain having played a preponderant part in the civilization of the European continent. Thus, the former first has become the last in the Eurasian paradigm. For the black who once created royalty became the black of the slave class. The red and white Nazi flag clearly defines it. The structure of the Nazi power was based on the concentration camps where worked Jewish and African, as the black class, and the red class the army which had substantial means to support the ruling white class of the caste of the SS. This same philosophy is visible in the current management of world affairs the black continent is working for the white continent with currencies as the CFA franc which remains a currency based on Nazism. The wars carried out by the armies and the Western secret services as well as the economic pressures and the embezzlement of the regents in place are there to perpetuate the domination of the so-called white race. The globalism which started with movement of enlightenment in Europe launched the basis of exploitation of some people and part of the world for the white classes of the western world.

Also, the blue white and red flag are in fact It black and white flags. In the United States, for example, the star-studded banner is not blue white and red but black red and white no star would be visible in a blue sky but rather when the sky is dark. Even the red and yellow versions of the flags such as the one of present-day Germany and Belgium retain this philosophy, the yellow being simply comprehended as white, the light of the enlightened despots of the reigning class.

In addition, the red, black and green colors were declared official colors of the "African race" by the UNIA (Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League) in 1920. They compete with yellow, red and Green as colors of pan Africanism. The flag was created in response to a racist song, written in 1900, entitled Every race has a flag but the 'Coon' (all the races have a flag Except the negroes)

The light blue and white colors often represent Zionism which was already very active during the slavery financing companies in the slave trade and the colonization of the American continent as in Quebec with the flower of Lilies which served to mark with red-hot iron recalcitrant slaves, in reference to the black code, or in Martinique where the blue flag with white cross and white serpents that were introduced on the islands to terrorize the slaves. For some time now the African descendants of Martinique have been refusing to continue to float the blue and white slavery flag on public buildings asking for its replacement by the pan Africanist green and red black flag.

The American police, well known for its racist exactions towards the black population, have the color blue and white, the maxim blue lives matter by apposition to black lives matter illustrates this fact perfectly. In addition even in the media and politics these colors are present to the republican states that generally are going to war are red while the democrats who often have socialist leanings but created The Ku Klux klan and were advocate of slavery system in the South of the United States are blue .

The flagship of new media like Facebook or twitter that carries the colors blue and white in general serve the Zionist agenda. By enabling popular movements, a certain class always hopes to use them to change the deal to their advantage. The Zionist oligarchs often finance movements based on ochlocracy, a form of government in which the crowd has the power to impose its will, a crowd that is often manipulated for this purpose.

The Blue and White Flag of the Cameroonian secessionists also has a Zionist inspiration, with Anglophones increasingly identifying with Jewish slaves in Egypt even if there is no evidence that the Jewish people who did not even exist at the time of the " Ancient Egypt was slave in the land of the pharaohs, recently the discovery of workers accounting papyri in hieroglyphic, closed the debate on the thesis of the slave builders of the pyramids in Egypt.

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