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During slavery and colonization, they had religion in the era of neo colonization they have democrac

Civilization is not western, but the evolution towards the civility of Western society is certainly so, since from as far as the first century of the present dating age, Nero used human torches without blinking. The Roman emperor to assert his authority and to put an end to these sects that swarmed in the multicultural and racial city had, as favorite amusement crucifies and then burn alive some unfortunate peoples living in the vicinity to light his garden at night. The respect for the lives of others came only more than a thousand years later on the sole condition that it served to raise the standing of some in relation to others; because it became important at a certain time to ensure one supremacy to have a kind of prevalence marked by a pseudo know how to live , some had to impose on others a knowledge that alas, has never been encumbered by the essential notion of living together, just as the so-called Western civilization has never rhymed with civility, because the lives Of others have always been a detail or a tool to use to assert their precedence. Despite all the good speeches, the noble ideals of the West have always had an ugly way of having an obscure side, a hideous and distorted shadow, which is visible only to the savvy observer, for in spite of the fact that information is spreading at the speed of light, lies and propaganda also circulate at the speed of lightning, so much that, far from getting even with truth, it rather supplants it, given the considerable means which Are used in the manipulation of the masses.

At a time when the global atmosphere is so muddy and opaque, that very few can see the scandalous loss of freedoms, which one believed nevertheless acquired and this from high struggles. Struggles, which when alas One takes the trouble to look closely, have been swerved from their main purpose by experienced manipulators to the point where one wonders with reason, if the different French and American revolution were not precisely initiated by forces even more despotic Lurking in the shade, because it is aberrant to find that every time a revolution took place in the West to fight a monster, it has always given birth to a bigger monster.

In France, they guillotined a king in the person of Louis XVI to crown an emperor in the person of Napoleon Bonaparte, in the United States of America, they liberated themselves from the English colonization to create a federal state on the back of slavery and genocidal colonization of the Native Americans. An entity that became a monster manipulated by capitalist forces that have reduced the American population to slavery for more than 200 years without the latter even realizing it. With the surtax of all American citizens when it’s well known that, one of the main reasons for escaping from the English crown was precisely taxes, it becomes laughable to find that individuals born on American soil even by accident should pay Enormous taxes to the federal government for any wages they gain property they have or inheritance they receive, including outside the US, regardless of whether they ever set foot in the United States. Otherwise, they incur fines and serious penalties of imprisonment. Since then the list of those seeking to drop out of US citizenship keeps growing some banking institutions in Europe now refuse to open accounts to US citizens because of the requirements of US federal law towards them when it comes to Withholding tax on the assets of their US citizens. They now have the obligation to report to the IRS every single American citizen who open an account in their banks.

The millions of inmates in the prison system are an embarrassment to the champion of the free world, a country that has so many criminals can only be bad for the rest of the world's populace, creating immeasurable damage. Very few have the courage and foresight to denounce it in front of the American propaganda machine. The gulags of the Bolshevik revolution of 1919 in Russia funded by the West only confirm the tendency that noble ideals have always been recovered by villains to realize their shady agenda.

The ambivalence and duplicity of taletellers leave one panting when realizing that some have always sold to the others gods whom they did not believe on, for the simple reason that this allowed them to advance their pawns in their design of domination. While Emperor Constantine recovered the Christian religion to establish his authority, the West following the same logic did not hesitate to use religion to establish its authority during the period of slavery and colonization. The subjugated people did not discover God with the slave-owners and the colonizers; on the contrary, they discovered the perverse use of God against them even if very few of them found out the deception on the spot. It is no secret that religion has succeeded in assimilating the masses in Africa, for the simple reason that the African people were already very religious, a detail of history that many refuses to admit because it would take away from them the prestige of Creators of the black people as we know it today.

Nowadays it is very easy to understand the cynicism and demagogy of the West when thinking rationally, how a people with the greatest number of atheists Cartesians, and materialistic beings has had the audacity to impose on others the immaterial notion of God if it Was not for other needs, which must be sought in the calculations of selfish domination?

The same causes causing the same effects these days the Bible and the Koran have been replaced by democracy, human rights and good governance imposed by Western financial institutions, notions to which the West itself does not believe into, but which are the cardinal points of its program of neo colonization, otherwise it would have broken the barriers of underdevelopment which it has created by a complex system. A labyrinth where the ordinary mortals and the minds little or badly warned are lost. While Africans are busy fighting for political power, they do not see who is their real enemy who has no difficulty in manipulating them, since all opponents, as rulers, believe that they must have the blessing of the West to gain or protect their power.

How can we understand that those who find it difficult to treat their citizens of African origin fairly and equitably, require Africans to better treat themselves when at the same time, they create, by the system of exploitation and contempt they Control, the perpetuity of the ideal conditions for underdevelopment anarchy and social chaos?

The catastrophic record from the point of view of social discord and loss of human life is a serious indication that should be considered when assessing the 25 years of democracy in Africa. The Westerners know, since Plato that democracy is the most unstable system, so if one want to keep the socio-political instability of countries the best way is to impose democracy, that must be dissociated to the notion of freedom and justice. What happens if the majority or the political elites decide to vote as laws an injustice that condemns servitude to certain innocent citizens, as is the case with the current liberticide laws concerning the management of digitized personal data?

The West has succeeded in making the world believe that the system that governs its land, is democracy, whereas for more than 200 years the West has been ruled by the aristocracy, a political class divided into two apparently different streams of thought, But similar. However, for over a century now, with the implementation of capitalism a major player has made his entry into the Western political game, the oligarchy. By controlling the economy, the oligarchy is now able to make and defeat kings at will. It holds the authority while the political aristocracy holds the political power which obeys as a rule, the injunctions of the economic power of the oligarchy which is the true holder of political power, even if it does not always occupy the political seat. A system that should be called synarchy, which was better defined by the French esotericist Saint-Yves d'Alveydre in his book La France vraie published in 1887. It is a form of government which distinguishes the authority and the power. those who have power are subordinate to those who have the Authority.

The authority of the oligarchy has always prevailed over the orientation of Western politics when one considers the great scourges that have changed the face of the world, such as slavery, colonization, which first Benefited the great families of the Western oligarchy. For it is private companies that have often been responsible for exploiting the slave trade and colonizing countries as was the case in Africa in India and the Americas. The states, for their part, have often merely formalized the enterprises of their wealthy citizens, adding to them the means of the State, such as the army. The biggest wars of a more recent period also benefited the great families of the Western oligarchy.

It is not surprising to understand that Western oligarchs with the intention of taking over the world by creating a global market and a global government (the United Nations were created and sponsored by the Rockefellers) enable, fund the creation of major regions such as the European Union, the African Union or the North American Union. To achieve these goals, many put in contribution their personal wealth by funding social movements, strikes and armed rebellions around the world. Anarchy as always served synarchy. Those oligarchs who control the West also hope to achieve their hegemonic goals by relying on ochlocracy which is a form of government in which the mob has the power to impose its will. A perverse state of democracy that they like to use to create chaos that will facilitate the takeover of bankrupt states where local governments no longer have any control. Populations crushed by the suffering of war and misery would accept whatever seem better to them. They sell through these movements of violence and economic pressures a cholera that can only force in the long run the bruised populations to accept their plague.

By funding opposition movements, sometimes endorsing criminal hordes with millions of dollars, it is aberrant to see that those who want the good of Africans prefer to go through the destruction of their countries and their lives instead of helping them build it. Why do those who disburse funds for guerrilla and social unrest activities do not support development by funding lucrative activities with their opposition partners? Why in Africa the political opposition seeks only the conquest of political power by political means by using war and social misery, sabotage and denigration, instead of taking over sectors of the economy to show the " Example of good management and social progress”. The millions that are spent to buy weapons and corrupt souls in political conspiracies could help create businesses and combat poverty, in countries that boast of having liberalized the economic sector under the rule of the Bretton Woods institutions. The West is so motivated to finance chaos instead of development since it wants to recolonize Africa, and the sellers of illusions that feed on the disillusion of the masses cannot offer better than what the regents in place offer To the west, without resorting to chaos, because in the current configuration where the entire economy of Francophone Portuguese-speaking or English-speaking Africa is held by the West despite the timid efforts of diversification of partners, that serve only to content artificially a fringe of the population who increasingly shows its dissatisfaction with the servility of their country towards the West, everything that would offer more benefits to the West would be the chaos, that would put all the resources of the bankrupt countries into the hands of westerners, Without consideration such as taxes or the percentage held by African states in multinational enterprises.

The newly elected US president has already announced the color. Africa must be recolonized, words that away from provocation have their full meaning after 50 years of active destruction of the continent by active politics visible and invisible they logically believe that the time has come to recover a continent due to them. And all the current gesticulations on the continent sponsored by their front businesses are only clearly aimed at this goal.

Only those who understand that they are prisoners of a system which for more than two hundred years has given them the illusion of freedom will be free in the 21st century.

Hubert Marlin

Journalist Writer

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