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The presidency of Barack Obama prepared the arrival of Trump who could only win.

Beyond the political jousts, the savvy observers of the American political life, who, it must be confessed, are not always Americans, since they can analyze facts without bias, have agreed for ages That US policy follows a pattern consistent with a certain ideology that responds to the needs of the time and the position the United States wants to have in the lives of all citizens of the world. It emerges that elections are not always an uncertain fact, but a selection that obeys a norm that is invisible to the layman but which in the long run always gives the expected results. If some state that there was a need to break with the continuity of the Democratic Party's ultra-liberal policy, by preventing Hillary Clinton from reaching the supreme magistracy, they simply did what was foreseen because they had only an insight desired by the proponents of authority in the USA. Proponents of authority that are found, in the community of spooks supported by the military industrial complex, in the community of parliamentarians who are irremovable, (some have been in office for more than 30 years) and of course and always in the economic community of banks, Wall Street and large multinationals. The structure of these authorities, who generally agree to give power to the candidate who represents their interests at best, is completed with international lobbies such as AIPAC, the American Israel public affair committee, which has always tried to influence with a certain success the International policy of the United States in the Middle East.

Beyond the disaffection of some americans and the black populace in particular because of the broken promises and hopes killed in the disillusionment of the continuation of the republican warmongering program; the defeat of Democrats in the November 2016 elections was predictable.

Americans in general like forecasts, the whole country is governed by actual and forecast statistics, there is like a visceral envy to foresee the future and to master it when one looks in depth, marking facts of the American life, And it would not do justice to this gigantic media device of analysts and forecasters to say that no one saw Donald Trump coming, especially when it is known, the shortcomings of the legislature of Barack Obama who, while Taking power in 2008 had the majority in both chambers to carry out campaign promises without opposition, while some complain of the Republican blockades that he experienced during his two mandates many forgot that the outgoing president for more than Two years had a free hand in the upper and lower chambers, to impose all the changes he wanted. Instead he merely awaited retaining for instance the incumbent's defense minister for several years, a fact justified by the burning files that Robert Gates had to continue to treat, but in fact it was a presage in the reality of the quintessence of his way to lead. Barack Obama was to continue the war agenda that took a scabrous turn with Republicans and it was not his Nobel Prize that had to change anything.

There has never been a break in US politics despite all the fine speeches of candidates and newcomers. For example, the fall of Libya did not begin with the legislature of President Barack Obama, but long before, during the mandates of George W. Bush, the Libyan leader in the 2000s suddenly became once more frequentable because It was necessary to approach him and destroy him easily in the following legislation. Muammar Gaddafi, who worked with the United States in the fight against terrorism, providing secret prisons to the CIA, was visited several times by Condoleezza Rice, and a plethora of American showbiz stars, this allowed those who were going to take him down later to have crucial information about his regime and his person.

Gaddafi was a man who interfered with the interests of the ally of all time, Israel, and worse his rejection of the dollar as a single currency in the oil exchanges would precipitate his fall. France contributed simply because the African currency that Gaddafi thought to put in Circulation would have destroyed the trade of shame which continues to allow France with the CFA franc to take from its former colonies more than 400 billion Euros every year, a crooked windfall that once dismantled, would have returned France to the rank of underdeveloped countries. It would be naive to think that it was not until 2008 that the great projects of Gaddafi were born, it’s well known that since the late 90s the Western chancelleries were both aware of the aid of the Libyan sovereign funds to the regime of Nelson Mandela, who was snubbed by racist financial institutions of the West, as well as the prospects of Muammar Gaddafi for Africa. Prospects that would make exploitation as usual of the continent very difficult. And the networks of the big exploiters, namely the multinationals and their secular arm the intelligence services had to get in motion, forcing the rulers to execute their orders for the result that we know.

The liberal policy in the country of the outgoing US president paradoxically concretized with a neo-colonial policy abroad, for Barack Obama has very far reinforced the warmongering agenda of the United States, keeping the Iraqi and Afghan fronts while opening new ones , in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, Somalia, Uganda, the China Sea, and the deployment of American forces in Cameroon to fight Boko Haram, but especially to discourage the Possible installation of China and other economic partners in the region. By 2016 there are over 1,000 US military bases in the world

The president who presented himself as a great liberal with winning facies to the Americans apparently prepared the beginning of the dictatorship in the United States by taking acts that would serve his successor who has the profile for the job. This is the reasons why despite all the good that was thought of Hillary she was simply not in the small papers of the real holders of the authority in the United States, only a taunting figure could enter the mold conceived by the legislature of President Obama, who alone took a record of executive acts in defiance of Congress approval a figure that far exceeds the sum of the executive acts of the other 43 presidents before him. The executive acts have a special quality because they generally pass in mute. The debates in parliament leads to reflect and to shed light on the content of the laws.

The liberticidal laws are a legacy that could not reasonably go to Hillary Clinton. As an example, the New Defense Act of 2012 abolishes the Habeas corpus, a general principle of law dating back to 1215, which protected individual freedoms. Henceforth the American government can imprison any American citizen suspected of undermining the safety of the State, without trial as long as it wants. In the same vein, liberticidal laws governing the Internet in the United States have been passed, now any comments made on the Web may lead to criminal prosecution of those who have committed them, the characterization of offensive comments and incitement to the violence against the security of the state being very vague.

At the same time, companies managing information about Internet users or users of new communication technologies are legally and illegally increasingly obliged to collaborate with the US government. The flight of Edward Snowden during the legislature of Barack Obama proved it. Oddly, while President-elect Donald Trump said he had to repeal certain laws made by his predecessor, no liberticidal law was cited.

A kind of perverse check and balance has always been witnessed in the United States, as the so-called liberal governments have always given way to the rise of despotic governments and vice versa. Thus, a real statement emerges, while observing the type of governments that have succeeded each other even though in the last few years the backbone of American policy has changed only in appearance. The uneducated people like to have the illusion of change by reacting in an antagonistic way. The takeover of the so-called liberal parties has always automatically resulted in the resurgence of conservative opposing ideas in the population. This is why the apparently ultra-liberal Barack Obama could only be replaced by a pure conservative in appearance like Donald Trump. However, it is important to raise the equivocal, nobody has never stood up to the imperialist warmongers lurking in the shadow. The rapprochement of Donald Trump with Russia is in no way a chance for peace, it would simply be a flat to Better explore the eternal enemy, isolate itself to better rebuild its economy, before in a few years’ attack, the Libyan example is there to prove it. The forces are now in motion to force Donald Trump to continue the war and nationalist agenda otherwise he will not be re-elected as was the case for Carter, or George G. Bush, who in 1992 was not re-elected, because with The fall of the USSR he believed in a new world order of peace and had signed a tacit agreement that forbade the United States and NATO to settle in the former Soviet union lap, he was beaten in 1992 by Bill Clinton , Supported by those who believed in a world order under American rule. Clinton, who seemed unlikely due to Bush's experience and service, came to business because he was ready to follow the program that was to bring the war to the Balkans and to establish NATO at the gates of Russia. The neo-colonial Americans who pound the United States have since sworn to eradicate all the historical bastions of popular democracies with socialist relent, Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Gaddafi's Libya, Ben Ali's Tunisia, Bashar's Syria, Venezuela of Chavez, and Brazil of Dilma Roussef have this trait. And nothing seems to prove that Donald Trump will change this scheme.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr

Journalist Writer

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