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Is the African diaspora the quintessential lobby of Western policy?

The antagonist bipolarity between north and south is reaching its peaks with the new technologies of information, cyber activism allows today to have a clear vision of opinions and philosophy of life, even of the more discrete characters.

One should not have done specialized studies in social psychology to understand that what some share on social networks is a reflection of their personality and their aspiration. Also in this sense it is permissible to see appear in almost perfect details the robot portrait of some significant fringe of the African diaspora installed in the West. Some members of the famed educated diaspora in Western and gentrified in the mold of the good house negro decided without firing a shot become the flagship of the policy of contempt of the north versus the south. Taking over in the realization of certain menial tasks that contribute to the war effort of neo-colonial power against Africa. Although some would point the finger to the other negro bourgeoisie that rules in the continent affairs who itself comes from the same mold as activists in the diaspora, but who in a lucky combination of circumstances or through a more efficient cooptation of mafia networks, or sectarian organization, took office.

These bourgeois in business in Africa as their counterpart installed on the banks of the Seine in Paris, the Hudson river in New York or the St. Lawrence River in Montreal, can also often boast about their multi nationalism, as well as their parchments obtained brilliantly or not in Western academic institutions. At this point it is clear that the harsh criticism towards each other group reflect the struggle for power and not for the people muzzled in the Bastille of moral and material misery that both groups were educated to despise and manipulate for their selfish interests under the intensive formatting they received while attending Western institutions. At this level it is undeniable that Africa is mismanaged and criticized by Western school products, exercising their function of regency or opposition, for the West and by the West, and the outcome, catastrophic for the people and beneficial to the facilitators of this policy is a logic that breaks a cold sweat.

Moreover, there are two major types of activists working in the oppression of the black continent.

At first those who logically understood the psychology of Western domination and minimization of the continent, to please the master of masters in the expectation one day to take the place of enforcers foremen on the mainland, they engage into lobbying campaigns. Generally, those have sometimes served the regents who make it rain in the black continent before realizing there were better master to serve, across the seas. Also to be in the good grace of their host country, they do not hesitate to play often the martyrs. There is a legion of cases of those who have failed in their duty to serve their country of origin or who were deceived in their hope for upward mobility, and who found refuge in the west hiding under the umbrella of the new right of humanitarian intervention, they are not ashamed to advertise the ideal that Africa would be the place of lawlessness where intolerance and dictatorship are the norm, naive or conscious in their deceit, they forget or pretend to forget that it is the West that they should flee because the system that prevails in Africa today has its origin precisely in the countries where they take refuge, and dictators in their countries are in power because they are good rulers serving the interest of countries in the northern hemisphere. In this liar poker of Machiavellian retribution and condemnation, it is clear they help to sell a clean image of the West and a dirty image of their country of origin to the naïve peoples who populate the Western lands. Also to maintain their pittance of political refugee it is normal for them to justify their status by conducting smear activities against their country of origin. If before they already knew what means the politics of the belly while under the cold of Paris or New York they logically continue their obscene dance to stay warm.

The second category is that of Afro Westerner reformists they feel like they have a mission to save the continent. Before them Rudyard Kipling, Cecil Rhodes or Jules Ferry had already stated the duty which was theirs in the civilizing mission, A civilizing mission that exchanged no civility with the natives, who had to be formatted or erased in the horror if need be. As worthy heirs of the latter they are always bragging about their duty that to clean and change including by weapons and genocide to save the continent. Born in the west or residing in the west for ages they forget or pretend to forget that they are no longer able to understand the realities of the continent and as their spiritual fathers of the civilizing mission, with their salvific mission tainted by whiff of neocolonialism they hope to apply the remedies advocated by the west, remedies which generally are magic potions that will kill Africans in everything which is black, preserve and sow in them all that is white and Western, a cultural genocide in sum. In short they are the global policy enablers, a globalization that would not be diverse, but should impose Western standards in Africa through direct or subtle force. For them it is important that, ultimately Africa be saved from Africans because according to them it’s of what are the Africans that jeopardize the continent. an aberration when it’s well known that what Africans are today was defined by the system they serve. There is no need to change Africans but there is a blatant need to change the system that has turned them into tramps. A system which unfortunately continues to be emulated in the black diaspora in the West.

In the struggle for social progress and freedom of the continent it is now imperative to make a distinction between those who want change and those who want to run things, the science of political power always give birth to selfish monsters while science of social that must be relearned since it has always existed in Africa will always remain the only hope of the progress of peoples. Today more than ever it is imperative for the African masses to educate themselves and take their destiny in hand. Being a slave is waiting for someone else to do for you what you need to do by yourself for you. While citizens of Africa remain lying in the darkness of ignorance, tyrants continue to stand committing almost perfect crimes.

Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist - Writer

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