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Atrazine one of the most widely used pesticides destroys masculinity

The herbicide atrazine is one of the most commonly used pesticides in the world. And therefore it is normal that atrazine is one of the most frequently detected pollutant agents in soils, especially in the northern hemisphere where the food industry uses agrochemical industry methods to grow profits. Would the frantic race for profit be a hullabaloo against the male gender? why industry players continue to use a product that yet as many respectable studies prove was found guilty in the effeminacy of male subjects?

The pollution of soil by atrazine causes the pollution of bodies of water such as lakes and rivers and undoubtedly the pollution of waters destined to household consumption, as the traces of atrazine are also unfortunately in the water said potable that people consume every day in the west.

Atrazine is a potent endocrine disruptor, which remains very active at low dose, just like as arsenic its presence in household water is been known for a long time in countries like the United States, France or Canada. But according to government agencies responsible for regulating the sector, the dose is so insignificant that they it does not endanger the population who is exposed. If doses of arsenic, fluorine and especially atrazine that one chucks are not life threatening in the short term, they have some irreversible effects in long-term, because eventually these chemicals affect the health of people, being vector of cancers, psychological and morphological malfunctions. It will never be stated enough Unrest in public health of populations is a perverse boomerang, that fills the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry, which in its laboratories creates these problematic pesticides. While some of the wealthiest in the northern hemisphere have become accustomed to never drink tap water, they encounter no less an exposure to these agents because if they do not drink tap water they still bathe, and the skin pores absorb these chemicals at a dose that seems smaller but no less harmful in the long run.

Previous studies have shown that atrazine adversely affects the development of amphibian larvae, commonly called frog tadpole. Studies by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States demonstrates that dramatic consequences exist on frog’s reproductive health, because of exposure to atrazine. Male subjects exposed to atrazine are demasculinized (chemically castrated) and completely genetically feminized once they become adults. Between 10 and 30 percent of male’s larvae exposed to the chemical agent in natural environments and laboratories become functional females which copulate normally with male subjects unexposed to the chemical agent, producing viable eggs fertilized by male subjects. Adult male subjects in turn once exposed to atrazine suffer a drastic decrease in their testosterone levels, the size of their penis shrank significantly. The same male’s subjects exposed to the chemical agent suffered a feminized laryngeal development was suffering, which in humans feminize vocal faculties. The song of male’s frogs being different from the female frogs, their croaking attracts more males than female’s frogs. And better the sexual behavior of frogs exposed to atrazine changed there was an almost systematic loss of the desire to copulate with spermatogenesis reduced to its simplest expression, which causes a decrease in fertility, a phenomenon that is well experienced in human’s infertility, where low sperm count is often observed in subjects described as sexually impotent despite normal erection that occurs the poor quality of their sperm does not allow them to procreate.

While studies of the US National Academy of Sciences is only interested in amphibians by drawing a parallel between the decline in the global number of amphibians and presence in the nature of chemical pollutants such as atrazine, it should be noted that in this study the amount of atrazine frogs are exposed in the wild is 3 times lower than that of men in everyday life. While some experts remain skeptical about the application of this principle to human beings there is not less true that the regions of the world where atrazine and other pollutants are most familiar produce a significant number of transgenders and show a consistent pattern of disruption in the reproductive health, realities that make wonder those labelled as conspiracy theorists rightly or wrongly. They eagerly state that the human effeminacy, that helps the control of human reproduction are part of the hidden agenda, of the elite of super wealthy who control key sectors of the global economy including agribusiness that has roots as deep as the slave trade, is one of the jewels.

By Hubert Marlin

Journalist Writer

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