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When they want integration they die and when they want freedom they live

This editorial could have as another title, when struggling to integrate, one dies to disappear and when struggling for freedom one dies to live.

Africans and African descendants must first know what they want freedom or integration in view of the situation of the global racism that continues to claim lives.

One does not dare to say that Negrophobia is the mold of integration that is clearly not befitting everybody. Since the appearance, through language and thinking Africans and Afro descendants must deny themselves to pass the filter of what can be called the white universal communalism. In the global black community there is an identity crisis which in fact, is only a reflection of the pressures that are exerted on African and Afro descendants in order to be shaped to the standard of the dominant communitarianism, because it would be misleading to say that Africans or Afro descendants do not know who they are. They just have for some decided to comply with certain standards that blur their identity while some just try to keep this identity in a racialist world increasingly hostile. This results in a true internal and external war, because it is not wrong to say that a perpetual conflict between who they are and what they know about being black, and what the Western society wants them to be, and makes them understand, what it means to be black.

Faced with the challenge of living in the West, without knowing, many Africans and African descendants who argue in general on how to lead the fight of emancipation and self-determination are either followers of the integrationist concept, or followers of the liberationist notion.

These paradigms, one way or another, are often the metaphor of deadly fighting. If the integrationist battle ultimately was glamourized by the white power and its medias who had interest in promoting famous actors like Martin Luther King who dreamily admitted that someday it would be possible to see the blacks and whites walk hand in hand in the racist Nation that remains the United States. This utopia was ignoring the fact that blacks and whites, had to walk hand in hand in a nation defined by the white man and therefore walking hand in hand, could happen only if it was to be used to serve in the end the agenda of the dominant force. If they had to walk hand in hand, it has to be in the white man's approach. And to successfully walk like this white man, the black man had necessarily to ignore its cultural and historical identity, forget millenarian Africa and kiss the United States, forget the history of slavery and embrace the history of independence against England, even if in 1776 the deportees who became African Americans in 1964 were still slaves, and that slavery paradoxically saw its greatest abolitionist movements come from England, not the United States. July 4th they ask African Americans to celebrate the freedom of those who took their freedom, a paradox worthy of the duplicity that mark both the early days of America during its creation, as well as the current America, a beautiful preamble, a beautiful story of conquest of freedom that has shamefully failed a group of men, women and children who also needed freedom, back then.

As for example one of the largest concentration camps in modern history was in Natchez. A camp held by the Army of the Union of northerners who nevertheless claimed they were fighting against slavery in the Civil War that opposed them to the South. At Devil Punch Bowl tens of thousands of blacks, newly freed slaves perished under Abraham Lincoln Army.

When Molding themselves to the Nation that is the United States, whose true Americanist like Hillary Clinton consider the Ku Klux Klan as the immortal soul, blacks must deny themselves and make abstraction of their Africanist characteristic. For blacks, integration means to mourn their African identity. Given this angle it’s a cultural genocide, and the situation of the African Americans killings that make the news this day is related to the logic of this integration. When some decide to incorporate a structure, they must be prepared to pay the price. It is difficult to decide to play a sport invented by a third party and codified by that third party, and decide while adhering to this game to play it, in its own way, with distortion or denaturation which cannot be done without offense to the purists watch dogs, a role clearly dedicated to the racist police, which only does its mission of cropping and therefore can never be condemned by the structure it protects, the racialist state. In this option of the player who changes the rules of the game, the nation described in "I Have a Dream" by Martin Luther King was not to be the United States, that the new player coming on stage would eventually fundamentally change the game. Everyone knows the story of slavery but no official document of the United States recognizes slavery to this day. Some had hoped that the preamble of the constitution would be expressly amended to include parts of the troubled history of the country such as slavery and the bloody conquest of lands to native Indians.

However, this is not what happened, the United States remained the United States, the rules remained unchanged regardless of the pompous declarations of propaganda. Because in fact the civil right act, law on civil and political rights of blacks, must be understood as a tool for integration of black people into the white system that involves the whitening and the molding of the black population and must not be seen as an acceptance of the black exception in a predominantly white country. This act was to lead eventually to a homogenization of the United States under the umbrella of the great white American culture, something that is about to happen. The fight of radicals against this law rather helped to validate with honor a lethal sham almost irreversible. Even the election of a half black president did nothing to change the situation but helped to take it further ... Also the killings of black at the hands of security forces during precisely the mandate of a said black president contribute to this agenda. It is a way to crop and accelerate the whitening process and homogenization.

One does not accept the other in the United States because he’s (she’s) not as itself that's a fact. Claims and demonstrations following the killings when they relate to integrationist considerations mold the memory of those who fall, in the white agenda of integration, integration advocacy become therefor demands of assimilation.

The integration will lead to genocide of blacks, even if it is not physical it should kill them in the specificity that differentiates them from the white majority, and they cannot be free in the integration, only if there were to become as blacks, one of the main jewels of the diverse American family, that unfortunately is aiming at global whitening, the contrary would have allowed them to survive as an exception, an unlikely situation given the history of the black population on the Americas land and its current socio-economic situation.

Otherwise they will disappear in the construction of the white edifice as a mere detail.

When some speak of the end of racism in the United States in fact they speak of the end of elements that are pitfalls to phagocytosis of the black population by the large white cell, the destruction of these pitfalls is visible in areas such as culture and demographics.

While for example black Americans TV series now address issues such as homosexuality, topics that were dealt before only by television series directed by whites, when the black urban music becomes increasingly white pop music, and when white musicians now do what was considered the black music, the crossover, to the standards of the great white community is inexorable. As for demographics, miscegenation growing increasingly in the black population makes it more acceptable to the white ideal. In the paradigm of integration, killings of blacks by police or not, blacks kill themselves daily by molding forcibly in the white ideal. It is not as spectacular as the murderous rantings, of Yankees cops who want to prove that they remain the dominant power, but it is no less lethal.

The antithesis of integration is liberation. Tocqueville said, " peoples want equality in freedom and, if they cannot get it, they still want it even into slavery." While the descendants of American slaves are the only black peoples in the Americas who never created and expanded a language like Creole to assert culturally, the claims on the creation of black American independent states were almost doomed to failure from the start because black Americans mostly always have been too dependent on the white man's system, to whom they ask everything, instead of self-determination. And it is aberrant to seek justice to the one who has committed the crime and hope that he will repents and renders you finally justice, it is an equation that is not possible to achieve, one cannot be vigilante and criminal at the same time, even in the pseudo American exceptionalism which still has exposed its capitalist, genocidal and selfish tendencies. The current racial tensions in the United States are not going to go despite all, it’s going to be worse until the great white dominant culture dissolve all elements that could impede its plan on the homogenization of the American society. Therefor African Americans will continue to die, as well by gang warfare which is a war to the domination of the other, as in the scheme of white capitalism, by the hands of police officers who are exactly there to uphold the established order, which advocates the rule of the great white culture, or by poverty and disease that are the result of the exclusion from society by a racialist state policy.

The only chance of survival for African Americans is liberation, leave the US and go to Africa or stay in America and fight to create independent states like now advocate the leaders of the New Black Panther Party who urged black Americans to invade 5 southern states of the United States with the purpose to impose their rule at the end. But how many will leave their luxury slaves place in the northern states, where they are integrated and assimilated?

Cohabitation with white for over 500 years has been disastrous as those who will decide to lead the fight for true freedom and those who will fall for this fight, if victorious will pave the way for a new era of freedom for generations to come. Freedom under the conditions of the integration is not freedom, because these conditions are in fact a parole of the racialist state that tolerates the presence of black but do not grant them any real freedom. An autonomous black society would be free of the white racialist pressure, because living in an environment that it has conquered. Black Americans really will become men in their own right when they will gain their freedom. Sartre believed that man is condemned to be free because Existentialism is Humanism. Also once the individual has proven that he (she) exists then he (she)is a human being, fully.

In the liberationist paradigm the black person exist then he (she) is a human whose life matters but in the integrationist paradigm the black person should be treated like a white one and must become white at the end. Dissolves, disapear and no longer exists, losing its humanity. the objectification of the black man in this paradigm is only a rational logic. It is anti-American to think that the lives of blacks matter because black's lives cannot be placed above the American Nation that is predominantly white. However, it is human and libertarian to think that the lives of blacks matter. Are The United States enough human and libertarian to allow the lives of blacks to matter ? The answer is no. Blacks will have to fetch the freedom they crave without asking permission to whites, and it is imperative now that they meditate on their dead, those inflicted on them and those they inflict to themselves while struggling to enter the white mold, and those that will arise when they decide to fight for their real freedom because as Seneca said: " who knows how to die, does not know to be a slave anymore". The alleged acts and the death of Micah Xavier Johnson returned without doubt this logic.

By Hubert Marlin Jr. Elingui

journalist writer

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