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Micah Xavier Johnson did not steal the underwear of an unknown Woman

Is it possible that Racism and love played a leading role in the acts of Xavier Micah Johnson?

If we all know that this drama is related to the institutional racism of the United States that perverts everything even love, it is now certain that the key element of the events of the killing of five police officers in Dallas July 7, 2016 is probably linked to the torments of the relationship between a man and a woman, and the pressure that the racialist society can have on happiness and destiny of individuals.

Very young Micah Xavier Johnson had a sense of justice and struggle of black people on American soil, he was probably none of those who because they want to advance in the society consolidated by the white establishment look on the other side. A category that we encounter among many blacks in the United States. The type who generally refuses to talk about some sensitive subjects, to give a polished and docile image of themselves to be politically correct and integrate more easily.

At 17, when attending high school his classmate James Hunt says Micah Xavier liked to talk politics. This proves that very soon he already had a sense of reality of the racialist world in which he lived, growing up in a State that has since requested the history of slavery to be banned to official records, and school books.

After high school the dream of Micah Xavier was to be in the military or the police, and this is why logically he will continue his studies in a specialized school of the army which provides scholarships to students who want pursue their careers in the army; there he will specialize in construction.

While at the military school, Xavier Micah Johnson, will fall deeply in love with another student a young black woman whose identity is not revealed by need for anonymity. This great love of his life then became his friend because allegedly she told him from the start that it was out of question to have a relationship. Yet both continued to meet and friendship evolved to the point that the young woman visited several times Micah Xavier Johnson in his family home in Mesquite, located east of Dallas, often spending the weekend and sleeping in the same room and the same bed with Micah Xavier Johnson. Despite the portrait of monster that some seem to give him it appears, he had at least respect and deference towards the fairer sex, very few men would have missed such a windfall without forcing their way to the triangle of astrakhan.

Things completely changed once they were deployed to Afghanistan in November 2013. According to Delphene, the mother of Micah Xavier the young woman had a very good relationship with her son and herself, she also often received gifts during her birthday and holidays from the latter who was involved with her son since 2009. Delphene says his son had told her that his girlfriend was seeing someone else, a hierarchy superior in the army. And the result of the insistence of Micah Xavier to bridge differences with his girlfriend, degenerated some time later with the incident of the loss of her underwear, the latter probably found there the opportunity to move away once for all from her old buddy, brought a sexual harassment complaint.

According to the story told by Fischbach, who was in Afghanistan and speaks on behalf of many soldiers who do not have the right to speak on the matter since they are still under the flag, there was a water shortage in the base in Afghanistan and laundry which was often made by Afghan contractors became complicated due to lack of water and other factors. And it turns out that Micah Xavier had decided to do himself his laundry picking up at the same time the one of his now former girlfriend, who later alerted the authorities to the loss of her underwear.

A quirky story as if she already knew it was Micah Xavier who had taken her clothes and underwear, to the laundry why she decided to make a big fuss to publicly claim her underwear where missing? threatening the Afghan company which handled the washing of prosecutions, investigations conducted later found that obviously Micah had her underwear. Was it possible that Micah Xavier would have stolen her clothes without telling her? Was there a clear willingness to publicly humiliate her former boyfriend and destroy him through this incident? In addition, there are chances that if this was simply a loss of her underwear she would never actually has made a scandal out of it. if alone ordinary people often lost parts of their clothes during their laundry, then in a base with a thousands of people it is normal to lose a sock or underwear during the laundry. She could have made claim to recover the lost effects, and simply forget about these items after without worries. The young woman soldier probably had a support somewhere, to request and obtain an official inquiry to something as trivial, does not happen to all the troops.

Anyway this incident marked the end of the military career of Micah Xavier Johnson. In May 2014 the woman lodged a complaint of sexual harassment, and strangely enough, cases of sexual harassment that are common in the army usually end by protective measures, with arrangements that try to reconcile both parties safeguarding the interests of the army. The culprits are often sent to psychiatric assistance. One must remember that the US military has its own police and its own courts and complaints amongst military peoples are filed before military institutions. The sentence against Micah Xavier was serious, permanent restraining order never to approach the young woman under any conditions, and especially worst he was discharged directly from the army.

With a blow like that one can understand why after leaving Afghanistan without glory or honor, and above all bruised and betrayed in his deepest being he decided to commit such acts. He touched with his fingers the reality of racism and complicity of some blacks that help injustice to happen against their own kind. Micah has now a serious blot on his record and he understood that he was now a man marked for life he would therefore be like a host of other black men with dirty judiciary records who struggle to find a job in any field. Also it’s proven that from 2014 to the fateful day July 7th, 2016 he was not currently employed despite his skills. It is normal to think that now Micah Xavier would have thought that he had to find an honorable exit, especially after the other denial of the veteran hospital that didn’t care for his back injury, he had to get even with this society that had spurned him.

His mother also recognizes that when he returned from Afghanistan he was deeply disgusted by injustice, he spoke very little to people and shut himself more, but in recent months he had regained almost normal existence and she was surprised to hear that it was her son who had committed the killings of police officers in Dallas, yet that day when leaving home, he had promised to stay out of trouble.

It is possible that Micah had probably found a balance by giving himself a mission. He bided his time to show the world his worth in his way. Those in the army who thought he was a bad shot, will appreciate his marksman skills taking down targets on several angles and forcing expert to believe that it was the work of more than one shooter. Besides the target of white police officers was also not trivial, he clearly identified himself with all these black men killed by white police officers because he himself had probably lost his career and the woman he loved by their injustice, and he wanted certainly to prove that he was a man able to hit the enemy, who took away from him the right to have a family and a career.

In any case all the explosive ingredients are there, injustice, love, betrayal, and racism and nothing is more dangerous than love that crosses injustice. Micah Xavier Johnson was a victim of psychological despotism of the establishment and he tried in his way to take revenge. other would have reacted marrying another woman and focusing their energies elsewhere to better their existence. But is there enough opportunity in a racialist environment when you're black?

Notes: in the latter development the case of stealing underwear that brought down the military career of Micah Xavier Johnson is being reviewed may be at last they will find he was innocent.

Hubert Marlin

journalist Writer

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