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What Western intelligence services think of young Africans activities on internet

It is no longer a secret that the cyber activity is traceable and tracked. With the new tools such as applications, which always require a little more information to get into the lives of users by stealth. It has become even easier to know what people think and what people are, with social networks, where hundreds of millions of people around the world display their lives. If we can hide what we do to other users who can interact with us only if we want, or because we have agreed to meet virtually by connecting together in social networks or other, we tend to forget that those behind social networks and the internet can access everything we do, they can read our emails intercept our conversations on Skype WhatsApp and others. They can also observe what are our concerns our aspirations, by observing what we seek on search engine like Google or Bing. Stalking our smart phones and know what place we visit. With this bundle of information, it has become easy to draw the sketch of a person by observing its cyber activity, and fundamentally Western secret service have a good idea about the kind of individuals with whom they deal when it comes to young Africans for example.

After the NSA gate it’s well known now that through the program Prism, US authorities can read, listen, or follow any web user in the United States as well as in the rest of the world. The popularity of social networks that many believe wrongly or rightly to be a Brain Trust of the American authorities is a great tool of observation of the world populace.

Many Africans living in the western world while Internet are reporting to receive advertisements that urge them to call to their home country. How company proposing advertising campaign online can possibly know where they come from? And better some internet users who just had a baby and posted comment and photos concerning the birth of their child often receive promotional advertisements on infant hygiene or other derivative products, while only those who connect with them on social networks should know.

These little facts do not always arouse the conscience of the profane who believe that everything is related to pure coincidence. Yet big companies controlling social networks highly sell consumers information of potential consumer to multinational, even if they have always supported the contrary stating publicly that they do not share private information of their customers to large multinationals which use these data, to target in their advertising campaigns consumers who most likely can buy their products.

But what is more private than the origin of an individual or the birth of a baby?

What about Western governments and their intelligence service?

The cyber activity allows users to give often quite reliable opinion in the philosophical orientation of people. The West is obsessed with understanding the movements of thoughts and try as much as possible to influence them in its favor or oppose the ideas that can prove fatal to its international policy of control and domination.

According to several investigation reports, the biggest fear of the West today is the awakening of consciousness of African youths online, a young African who is well informed and often has lived in Africa and in the West, now has a better view of the actual situation, and therefore increasingly tend to accuse the West of the ills afflicting the continent. Officials of the US State Department reported last year that it is a pity that there are generations of Africans who will grow up thinking that the United States and France, are supporting terrorism, and sooner or later this might spoil the good relations that the United States had with the African states.

This phrase betrays what they know about cyber activity for African youths, and facing this threat they employ as usual denial by deflecting the blame on the African leaders, who nevertheless are working under their yoke. Also several US agencies are working to encourage young Africans to express their desire for regime change in their country of origin, they are encouraged to post strong images on the internet which tend to prove that everything that is wrong in Africa is the fault of Africans themselves. while in public they held a democratic discourse in private the same Western authorities even when they negotiate the departure of an African leader, always manages to promote another leader who will defend their interests.

Furthermore, they are campaigning for a split between the black diaspora and Africa by promoting the horror in Africa, why the gruesome images of dead Africans, are not censored on Facebook while photos of South African women bare chested during the Umlanga festival are censored without further ado? Everything is done to discourage the diaspora so that it does not approach the continent with its reformist ideas, Africa a continent that should remain their turf, should live in darkness and they are working to keep the status quo. How many in the diaspora will dare venture into a war zone ravaged by poverty and disease as some posts tend to prove on the web?

The other method used is the entertainment and infiltration of Afro groups. Convey false information, create enmity, so that young Africans will be lost in endless discussions on the internet is a ploy often used.

Sometimes agents provocateurs in the pay of neocolonialist lobbies will post tendentious publications to maintain and entertain the black populace keeping it away from important issues. While some discuss commitment or not one of their stars of black origin who exactly is an atypical product of capitalism they get lost in conjecture instead of working on more productive things. It is no secret that internet activity can lull people on other important issues, from this point of view the information technology tool becomes a weapon against Internet users. They get stuck in the virtual to when they could have done better taking concrete actions in reality.

Meanwhile on the ground, westerners promote the implementation in key sectors of African youths involved in their propaganda program like the Young leaders to serve the sustainability of their interests in Africa.

Technologically the collection of information on the internet is also a form of industrial espionage, African youths with revolutionary technological Project should avoid talking about it on social networks before concluding and protecting them, the Guinean Guillaume Hawing, who solved the problem of prime numbers an issue dating back over 2000 years, that even Euclid could not solve, learned it to his cost, accelerating its work and publishing it before a UCLA team that was monitoring is work on the internet and was poised to overtake him.

But why the United States and the rest of the West think that Pan-Africanism and other movements of revaluation of the African identity, are a danger to them?

Why the West think that communalist ideas of the black diaspora in the West are dangerous, while the largest communitarianism is the one imposed by the West to others regardless of their differences?

Many would see as ideal answer the danger of nationalization of resources which the West badly needs, and the colossal shortfall for Western multinational that could follow. If this is true one must not forget that the West still controls tremendously mechanisms of access to power in the countries of the Southern Hemisphere and Africa in particular, so without being pessimistic it will be difficult to have African leaders, that would directly drive out of Africa these multinationals and the system that over time has been able to make itself almost indispensable. How the Congolese President Pascal Lissouba at the time was not able to pay government workers of his country and prevent a slump in the population after the Elf oil company refused him a loan? Why Mandela once in power has to use a loan from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to shore up his country?

If Westerners in general with their usual contempt do not care about what Africans and the global black diaspora think, because they know very well that in regards to pass their liabilities they will never be loved, it’s their material profit they especially care about, money is the sinews of war, they have been leading against Africa for ages.

The picture is vaster and losses can be more serious for the West if current trends continue it is the Western economic fabric regarding African and the Black Diaspora which should be reviewed. The black diaspora is one of the most profligate, in the US only it’s responsible alone for more than 40% of trade in the simple sense of purchase.

Regarding economic profit, a community that continues to increase its purchasing power and now think differently also consumes differently. while some refer to nappy hair, natural cosmetics, and typical African meal, it’s a new way to live that in the long run, will cost billions of dollars to the Western cosmetics industry. The West in perpetual crisis will not tolerate such a loss. Same in the promotion of culture, if black artists promoted by the West to influence the black masses to a certain behavior no longer influence the black populace it’s also a huge loss to the entertainment industry they control, and all other industries that the influence of celebrities on the black populace can induce. If young blacks in suburbs are no more sensitive to gangsterism messages, it’s the prison industrial complex one of the richest with the military complex that will lose many potential customers. If young blacks, do not want to use cocaine as their favorite stars it’s the billions that help to arm terrorist groups in the world that will disappear as in the case of Iran contract during the Reagan administration.

Regarding Africans dating groups on the internet they are also targeted because if blacks, think more and more to marry each other younger and raise families, apart from the fact that taking responsibility can dope the envy to succeed in life, they will no more spend their money in other frivolous entertainment products, such as luxury cars, nightclubbing, going out and others. They would think mostly about building homes, saving their money and make plan for their lives. Facts that would not necessarily please a good part of the Western population that does not see with good eyes their social progress, and therefore their economic weight. However, a question arises, Would Africans and the global black diaspora rise to meet the demand that this new philosophy of life is going to bring, while right now must of the goods of this way of thinking in the western world, are sold by Indians and Chinese?

Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist.- Writer

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