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Why black women in the West do not love black men anymore?

Marie Luce Béland a Canadian musician of Dominican origin said "... If love was so easy, we will all be in love" if the sixth sense is intuition, it would not be irrational to say that the seventh sense should be the feeling, this intangible sensation engraved in the soul of every individual. However, in the neighborhood of ​​feelings, love and hatred are the most prominent houses, when compassion is a non-Cartesian variable liable to individuals and situations. However, one should make a distinction between the action of love and love itself, since some love not to love, while some at worst love to hate. And better, to love now obeys to the rule of what helps to love, and in this perspective it is crucial to understand that, it is the man attributes that make him attractive and nothing else.

From Paris to New York from London to Montreal, romances between blacks are explosive, it’s an earthquake that threatens to change the face of a whole community, as one can feel that blacks no longer love each other enough to live flourished idylls. The black woman is again accused of all evil because for some she would have been the one that resolved first to look elsewhere because the black man of her time no longer meets her expectations. Why black women increasingly find partners outside their race?

To answer this question, a sincere statement as to be made, women, black or white will always seek to bind to the dominant male, and Western racialist societies since have dedicated the white man as the dominant male; then it is normal to understand that Black Women seeking more guarantees in life, will fundamentally strive to be bonded to white men who would be the best men able to meet their expectations.

If the phenomenon of black female exogamy in the West has since become a commonplace logic, in the mother continent, Africa real dramas are witnessed.

Globalization with internet brought a new kind of husband’s huntresses of white skin on the continent; as some have the gift of the gab to leave their matrimonial home abandoning husbands and children for an exile in the Eldorado of white husbands, where they sometimes end up in pimp networks. All in the name of an ideal which is imposed by Western propaganda.

Black men from Africa, while their grandparents were sharpshooters during the wars in Europe for ideals they did not understand and which were not engaging them in anything, young Africans today are shooting elsewhere for an instinctive ideal linked to their survival. The Western education they receive since independence in their countries is unfortunately designed to make them immigrant workers, not only their economies are extroverted, the education system as well, since the best way to complete what they began to learn in their country of origin is to go abroad, which is also the best place to have salary satisfaction as employee.

Once in the west these Africans are struck by the bleak realities. Outside the cultural shock that can disorient and destabilize them, scourges such as racism and discrimination of any kind do not help their integration and social progress. They are thus relegated to the scale of less attractive characters for the idyllic relations. As often the best option for them is to marry women from the motherland on which their expatriate status gives them a certain clout. The West is a dream that still lure those left behind. However, in general once the African spouse join them in the West, they realize that their husbands so powerful and attractive from far away is not the dominant male seen up close, and this reality force them to look somewhere else, and thus begins the drama.

The growing celibacy of black women in the West is the other fact, or probing evidence of the refusal of the black woman to fall in love with her black congeners that are either at the same level or even less fortunate, materially speaking. Black women in the West who increasingly are reaching the heights of the society by completing graduate studies and enjoying highly paid jobs are looking for the best male available in what experts in the field have called hyper gamy. would be worthy to go in bed with them, only those who would be hyper powerful in the social scale, and in the top of the social scale there's almost no black men and the few who are there are in general taken. Social Darwinism has placed black men of the West, in a dramatic situation. Even after a good education, very few actually manage to distinguish themselves in the highest levels of the social ladder and necessarily they become less attractive to black women who always strive to get the best of the best, and the best of the best is not always black.

Experience has shown that most of the black men in the West who are over 30 years old and still single have in general a serious social problem that prevents their idyllic fulfillment, they usually survive in spite of living, they have problems of social insertion related to the lack of papers, or criminal record, and worse even with a certain stability related to employment in general they have had bad experiences with past relationships when struggling to assert themselves socially, and sometimes a strand of vengeful feeling toward black women can negatively influence their future relations with black women.

95% of African American men have already been stopped by police at least once in their lives, and over 50% have been arrested at least once in their life, in a country where everything is electronically archived these black have now less chance of finding a stable job see housings, during a background check, that has become the norm for all. This is not the case for black women who are less harassed by the prison system which the largest of customer remains the black community. Whereas when the single image of black male youth without fathers is the gangsta rapper the logical result is jail.

On the other hand, racial pressures, they face in the workplace and in the Western racialist society influence equally negatively their relations with their black partners, who tired of seeing their man broken down and unable to deal with a society that crushes them, are looking elsewhere, women generally do not like weak men because they suddenly feel in danger with such partners.

To the exogamy of black women, one must also add black male’s exogamy in the West, because in the white woman black males often find a shoulder on which to cry, white women know very well what are the ins and outcome of Western society and would be better able to support their black husband who unfortunately formatted by the racialist society of the west, often accept the paternalism of the white woman to achieve a certain social equilibrium. And in these unions it is easy to understand who is exercising parental authority, black men bended on the evils of social Darwinism of the system that subtly exclude them from any social progress are relegated to the status of assisted.

The system of exclusion of the black man from social ascension creates serious adverse effects such as homosexuality that is taking control of the black community in the West, black men increasingly rejected by women of their race are turning to their fellows of the same sex to support themselves in a kind of solidarity of the banned. In a city like Atlanta, which is considered the Mecca of black homosexuality in the United States with more than half of the population of black men in the city who admit to having had at least once in their life a superficial, or deep sexual experience, with same-sex partners, homosexual prostitutes in the city ensure that 90 percent of their clients are black men. The phenomenon of homosexuality is also greatly affect the demographic landscape of the city of Atlanta, if in 2000, 64 percent of city residents were blacks, in 2010 only 54 percent of the population of blacks in Atlanta was black a drastic loss of 10 percent in 10 years, for a simple reason, homosexuals do not reproduce.

The heterogamous black woman and her alter ego the hyper powerful white man, however, do not always make the perfect couple because the black woman in her quest for the best male undergoes no fewer setbacks binds to race, because she is still not fully accepted in the Western racialist society, since the white man will always go first to white woman. Meanwhile in her desire to security sometimes the black woman will sacrifice her honor, willingly accepting a subordinate polygamy in effect, becoming the mistress who rarely aspire to take the place of the legitimate white woman even when she is the lawful wife, she often tolerates extramarital escapades of her white man without flinching, the divorce rate of these unions are among the lowest in Western society deemed to be volatile, which implies that when it does not work there is someone who supports the weight of the union to keep it in the wheels.

The powerful hyper men carve the lion's share. What was called in Africa in the eighties second office is the reality that makes the big bosses, those who have the power of decision, the most popular men in the market for romance, and many are working to meet this demand to the best of their ability. While black men are forced to celibacy because of their lack of wealth, more than 60 percent of single black women are in relationships with 15 to 20 percent of the more affluent white or black men who generally already have either a wife or a concubine.

While some black women are fighting to hold on to the wealthiest and powerful men, a significant fringe seeks to live in fantasies, they expect the ideal man. They prefer to live in the dream maintaining imaginary romances with Hollywood stars, since film and Western propaganda offered them the opportunity to discover powerful men they would like at all costs to have in their bed, and if you are not up to these heroes there are chances that you will pass by the wayside, or they would keep you provisionally since you are able to support their basic needs until something better comes.

In the same category of unbeatable super hero there is Jesus Christ the greatest love of Christian black women of the West, where the Christian revivalist churches are wreaking havoc in married households.

Christian fervent black women put their man in direct competitions with a man God so powerful that he gives no chance to the poor mortals that are black men.

The deep love of hyper powerful men by black women has developed a new perverse trend. To show their allegiance to the dominant male as in the case of sex traffic, where women are pandering blindly obeying their pimps with a hope to gain their favors in vain, black women work now also to the emasculation of the black man considered less powerful. If the Christian black woman would force her black partner to submit to the law of Jesus Christ, namely submitting her black partner to the domination of a white Jesus Christ, in life in general to be powerful, implies often to be the oppressor; also the black woman has become to the black community an agent in collusion with the forces that are working to enslave the black race. Not content to submit their potential black husband to respect the deal drawn up by the white dominant male, unmarried black women who are single for all the reasons outlined above, raise their male children to recognize the power of the white dominant male, and often encourage implicitly feminization of black males, to make them more malleable to the submission because the black male absolutely must not overshadow her ideal man, much less lose their stature of predominant female in the life of their male child in case of a future wife. If in ancient Africa one was to become a man after a grueling initiation drill with older men in the forest , in the West young men have more feminine tendencies when they are raised exclusively by the feminine gent who often by selfishness does not hesitate to cut at source any hint that call into question their influence and the authority of the dominant white male who for a long time will remain her ideal man, as long as black men will not have the means to reaffirm their identity through appropriation of social attributes such as economic power.

Although in the typical sexual context black men continue to enjoy their cliché of strength of nature, which unfortunately relegates them more as sexual tools than partner in life for black women as well as white, it is important to note that apart from the fearful and speculative who fear reprisals from the racialist society if they were fall in love with the black men who dare to speak out against the injustices encountered by their race, many western black women who swear by endogamous marriage usually do it on nostalgia for a glorious past, to make a counterweight to the dominant power that once reduced them to slavery, and still controls all key sectors of life in the west. This trend which was popularized with the negritude movement in Europe and the Harlem Renaissance in the US in the early 20th century with slogans such as "black is beautiful" also project into the future by seeking to build a strong, proud black nation, which begins with the family. Nevertheless, the underlying idea remains the hyper power of individuals or group of individuals. However, it should be noted that in the context of black pride, in paradox some black women once again choose to get married with white men, they find materially attractive dotted with the powers and courage to decry injustice, these white men often seem defend from their pedestal, with more intelligence and acuity, of the ideals of justice and social progress of the black race better than the black men who once again do not always get the perfect platform to better express their ideals, on television the best experts on the black world are never black.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

journalist Writer

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