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Tiimo - Star Seed

The Top Flash of Flashmag this month is a young artist from Guadeloupe, who just made his entry into the musical arena. Keen on music since the tender adolescence, in 2015 he met his fate, signing with an ambitious young label that provided the means to express his skill, and he released a single “Histoire sans fin “(Never ending Story) under the label Hymne Mortal Empire, the title will see a keen success, and a few months later Tiimo will strike again offering to the public a new musical delight with the title An Nou Ay. In the lines that follow the young wolf gives further explanation about his person and his art.

Flashmag: Hello Tiimo Flashmag and its readership are happy to have you as a guest this month, the time of this interview the gallery is yours… so tell us how Tiimo comes to music and why did you choose this path?

Tiimo: Hello dear readers,

I am happy to be the guest of your magazine Flashmag, and thus be able to share with you my musical world! I have always somehow bathed in that environment because since very young, I was interested in urban music, thereafter naturally it became my passion.

Flashmag: Before the music I imagine you have another background, which one?

Tiimo: I am currently preparing a (BTS) superior degree in the field of corporate management, but I must confess to make my passion, music, my job, would be ideal for me.

Flashmag: If it is true that in the Caribbean the craft of arts is generally accepted as an honorable profession, the way is no less difficult, while embarking on this path; did you have some apprehensions? The artist's life is not always easy?

Tiimo: It is true that the way to go, to become a "star" recognized by all is far from easy. However, I am convinced that this is the result of hard work, an eternal struggle to be understood and appreciated by the general public.

Flashmag: reading your bio, it would seem the separation of your parents has affected you deeply, you took refuge in an imaginary world, writing songs why? Was it a way for you to express what you felt, and follow a certain therapy, or simply a way to sensitize society about the consequences of this state of affairs on children?

Tiimo: I would not say "imaginary world" but in fact, the separation of my parents has been for me a click. This event helped me to become who I am musically. Moreover, it was a way for me to talk about a fairly common problem in families.

Flashmag: In 2015 you meet with the Label Hymne Mortal Empire, how it happened and why did you accept to engage with this team?

Tiimo: We met by the phenomenon of word of mouth. They were able to hear what I have done already as independent, and then I had a studio session they liked, since we are a single team. This label represents for me the future of music on our island.

Flashmag: Your first single Never ending Story will be released the same year, he had to say something about this track how about how he has been concocted?

Tiimo “Histoire sans fin “(Never ending Story) was my most successful title before my last single. It tells the story of two people who loved each other but have not managed to turn the page, it is a theme that can affect some couples. This title has toured extensively on social networks and I want to thank all those who have appreciated, thank you for strength.

Flashmag: What was your feeling to see and listen to your first musical work?

Tiimo : When I could see and listen to my first musical work, I felt a sense of pride. It's like a step completed, and it pushes you to continue.

Flashmag: In April 2016 you release An Nou Ay a title quite dancing and very Ragga and Dance Hall after the RNB style of your first album “Histoire sans fin “you stay in the Anglo Saxon vibe in the Guadeloupe sauce why have you chosen this niche?

Tiimo: You should know that we are geographically closer to the American continent and we are surrounded by English-speaking or Spanish-speaking islands, so some influences can affect our small island. I like to highlight everything that makes us what we are. When I write, I do not think about the language I would use, but rather as a recipe I use to make my sauce.

Flashmag: As you enter this profession what goals have you set for your career?

Tiimo: Let's say for the moment everything is fine, we advance and progress gradually with the team and I'm happy with the result. My goal is obviously to be successfully conquer the Guadeloupian public then expand what I do in France then why not internationally. The goal is to bring our music to travel the world.

Flashmag: You are part of the new wave of Caribbean musician and your elders marked the World Music with gold letters, do you feel responsible in perpetuating this legacy?

Tiimo: Of course, then I think it is our role to continue to exploit the work the "elders” accomplished. It is good to see that gradually, the doors are opened to us, then I think if we raise the level we can do great things.

Flashmag: In closing this interview do you have a special word to the public what is the agenda of Tiimo for the coming months have you blocked a date for the release of your album?

Tiimo: Well I can assure you that everything is just beginning. Logically if everything continues on track and with public support why not offer you an album? I'd be delighted! So to be aware of my upcoming events, do not be afraid to subscribe to my social networks:

Instagram: tiimo_officiel

Facebook: Official Tiimo

Twitter: @tiimoOfficiel

Many Thanks to Flashmag and its readers and see you soon!

Flashmag: Tiimo, Flashmag and readership say thank you for this interview, good luck.

Video excerpts: An Nou Ay Tiimo

Interview Directed by Hubert Marlin

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