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Anarchy in the service of synarchy, the new world will not be the world

Is it possible that wars and social unrest that appear and persist in several countries throughout the world, have a purpose? one might think of unfounded coincidence, or driving force creating problematic situations. A posture that would implicitly, delve into the ostrich policy, by refusing to face situations hoping they will go away on their own. Anyway One becomes stupid when having certainties, and clever when listening to its doubts.

Also it would be childish to believe that everything that happens in this world is not planned by certain forces, although some do not believe in the concerted efforts of some visible and invisible forces, we must still understand that since the end of the 19th century, ideological entities have dominated international politics, influencing world history in a decisive manner, with the socialist and capitalist currents that since have waged a shady war with no mercy; the peak having been the cold war.

In regards to this power struggle, today, there are reasons to believe that some have chosen anarchy to achieve their ambition of synarchy, which would give them absolute control of the world. Anarchy is defined as a society where there is no leader, no single authority, i.e. where each subject cannot claim power over the other. There may be an organization, a political power or even more, but there is no single rule that is coercive to all. This notion of anarchy define precisely the situation of war in countries such as Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine and Syria, where war situations were created from scratch, often under spurious grounds, precisely to bring a disorder that could only facilitate the emergence of synarchy by chaos, that would come to impose an order under its conditions, in an environment where a local authority is gone, bending under the blows of civil disobedience promoted by the West and its artificial revolutions and social misery supported by the same western predatory system, with their state sovereignty lost, these bloodless countries, would become easy prey that will even beg raptors, hoping to complete the climb including as prey between clutches of eagles in the air.

The failed States are not only countries in visible wars, but especially those struggling with generalized misery caused by the deteriorating terms of trade and the policy of assimilation to the synarchic logic of its leaders, cannot assume the functions of welfare or interventionist state to its people, a situation that place precisely those countries in the ultimate solution of neo-colonial yoke.

The Cold War is officially over, but socialism remains the public enemy number one, of capitalism worldwide. It is also important for humanity to understand that capitalism and socialism are not simply methods to exercise political power, but systems of management of human society; as if in socialism, the cardinal idea is to give power to the people by sharing the wealth of the country for the welfare of all citizens by applying a consistent social policy, capitalism that uses the Western democracy or the free world as a smoke screen, is based on a secular political elite that replaced the aristocracy of the old world, this elite itself is an oligarchy, that is closely linked to the industrial oligarchy which exercises the real authority. It is composed of two facets. The real and the bogus. The false facet is that of representing the people through democracy and free elections, while the real and invisible facet is that of exercising political power, not to the interest of the people who by voting sign a contract of dupery, but for the interest of the industrial oligarchy that exercise real authority, with the means to put in power candidates who are faithful to them. In this context the capitalist democracies are based on exploitation of the people and its wealth by the same class that once distinguished itself in serfdom in medieval Europe, slavery in the New World, and colonization in Africa and Asia. This entity has mutated adapting to the times, but kept its ideology of spoliation. It remains very active in the neo-colonialism, neo-liberal economics, and the new world order, which are the guiding principles of Western Synarchy, which relies on a worldwide network of agents in place true to the doctrine, that often is defined in secret societies circles, which regardless of their flattering names, as the trilateral commission, Bilderberg or the Council of foreign relations remain very tight private clubs. It is also no accident that the principle of Synarchy has been defined and conceptualized by the French occultist Joseph Alexandre Saint-Yves d'Alveydre (1842-1909) who was the first to define the Synarchy as a form of government that distinguishes authority to power: those who have the power are subordinated to those who have the authority. In this sense one can easily understand that the great figures of Western politics, exercising political power, are under the authority of invisible forces lurking in the shadows. In countries like France or the United States, Britain some spoke of the Masonic oligarchy or illuminati who would exercise supreme authority.

The perfectiblist Society or illuminati conceptualized by the German scholar Adam Weishaupt in the 18th century, precisely advocated the absolute control of human society by mechanisms based on the mastery and manipulation of finance capital. Today international finance, controls politics of countries worldwide. A bad or good note of the institutions of international finance, can bring down a regime or elect it , whereas when, elected officials adopt laws to meet the financial requirements of neoliberal economics, it is easy to understand who holds the real authority.

Far from pouring into the esoteric literature, that unfortunately undermine the credibility of some relevant analyzes, since the research of sensationalism and deliberate dissemination of false information by double agents has helped to make the waters even muddier, Anyway, if one takes the trouble to think it’s easy to see that in countries badly stricken by anarchy and its secular arm that is international terrorism which recruits in misery and under education of the masse, synarchy or Western oligarchy represented by large multinational, is waging a war with no mercy against sovereign peoples. It has been witnessed in countries with socialist tendency, conflicts that bring chaos that serves only the expansion of the new world order, which is the global dictatorship of synarchy. Whether in Iraq and Syria (Ba’as party - Socialist), Libya Jamahiriya socialism, in Côte d'Ivoire Laurent Gbagbo socialist, in Congo the killing of Patrice Lumumba replaced by the pro western regime of Mobutu, the recipe used appears to be the same. In view of this situation a conclusion removes the ambiguity once and for all, as elected leader including by the standards of democracy are not always welcomed depending of their program. If you decide to share the wealth of your country with your fellow countrymen, the synarchy will works to remove you and sometimes in a violent manner, while if you decide to share the wealth of your country with Western multinationals then you can stay in power as long as possible, as was the case in French-speaking sub Saharan Africa with the Governments of Omar Bongo in Gabon or Houphouet Boigny in Ivory Coast, or Saudi Arabia, which is far from being a haven of democracy or human rights, which are the main tools the western synarchy use to turn the wind in its favor .

The Western synarchy has a good number of relentless tools to pursue its Machiavellian agenda using noble ideals for its heinous designs. Also it is important to stress that the imposition by force of democracy in sovereign countries is anti-democratic, a political system cannot be imposed by force-albeit a system that advocates freedom, no one can destroy fundamental freedoms like the right to live freedom to impose another. No one should assassinate peoples to give them freedom. The peoples themselves have the right to choose the system that would suit them best, the democracy of guns is just another lethal weapon of anarchy that serves synarchy. Divided peoples indulged in trench warfare for the exercise of political power, weaken their concept of nation states, destroying their sense of belonging to a national ideal and also become easy prey for raptors. In view of the final assimilation to synarchy or one world government, it goes without saying that there would be very little resistance on the part of those states.

Democracy since its birth in the Hellenic peninsula was often considered a danger to social progress and even to the freedom of peoples. Demosthenes himself defender of democracy recognized its limits, saying that it was a system that denied any vision for future, and long-term plan. It did not allow him to rely on a homogenous people's will to carry out its leadership.

For the philosopher Socrates democracy always leads to tyranny because instability and cacophony always facilitate the rise of totalitarianism, as was the case in France after 1789 with the reigns of Robespierre and Napoleon, the rise of Hitler in Germany or in Russia, where after the loss of the war in the early twentieth century, the politically weak Tsar was overthrown after a brief test of democracy, it was the Revolution and its consequences. Cf. (cafebleu)

would democracy used as a lethal weapon facilitating Chaos to impose synarchy? there are reasonable grounds to believe so, when it is known that in some countries like Mali where democratic transition appeared to have been soothed, external forces created a chaos precisely to prevent the return of peace in that country, with its newly discovered mineral wealth. Whatever the stated goals of the Western civilizing missions, it’s relevant to note that one does not teach people the concept of freedom, because it is closely related to the human quality, unless some continue to believe that they can teach men to be men.

Outside of armed conflicts, anarchy that serves synarchy is no less active in social conflicts related to the economy of sovereign countries, using bodies such as the IMF with its policy of privatization, or the United Nations with their embargo. With these tools the Western oligarchs are able squarely to force sovereign countries to sell off swathes of their economies in such important areas as energy, telecommunications, and air and port traffic. In some countries such as Cameroon managing airports and seaports, does not belong to the state but to Western multinationals, and worst the widespread mismanagement of state companies or the scandalous management of public health in third world countries by agents in place of the new World order tacitly pave the way to their privatization.

Agents of Western capitalism by political pressure and manipulation of stock exchanges are able to create artificial recessions that will force sovereign countries to sell the jewels of their economies to Western multinationals. The 2008 financial crisis was an unprecedented test gallop, the neoliberal economy with greedy privatization pushed the world into a serious crisis, governments like the one of Iceland led by Geir Haarde decided to nationalize its banks and its economy and met a denial of the globalists of the European union. the country because of the anti-neoliberal policy it adopted to face the crisis was put in the list of terrorist organizations, as well as Al Qaeda by the British Prime Minister of the time Gordon Brown, this nationalization was seen as an affront to the design of the new world order. As of today this measures have took back Iceland to the track of prosperity.

In recent days the artificial lowering of oil prices is not trivial because it has put in difficulty countries like Venezuela or Russia, which are leading oil producers with socialist tendency. as explained above these countries have an opposite ideology that does not favor oligarchy, that is against the people interest.

On the other hand, the embargoes of the United nations that were created by an American tycoon family the Rockefellers, are there to complete the work for the submission of sovereign states to the dictate of the oligarchy. The austerity measures taken by Western governments during various economic crises will also, sooner or later, cause the general social discontent and lead the countries of the northern hemisphere in the arms of the octopus that is the synarchy.

The picture seems bleak for the future of humanity. If things continue to move in this trend the total enslavement of the world's populace by the caste of rich is not a figment of the imagination. While the wealthiest in the world are promoting the control of the population, they cynically disregard the fact that, instead, a more egalitarian distribution of global wealth, will save the poor instead of actually murder them by family planning, or scandalous public health system.

The gulf between the classes is outrageous if the rich of this world represent about 1% of the global populace or 70 million of peoples spread over the extent of the globe, the 85 richest peoples of these 1% together own a wealth equivalent to the combined assets of 3 billion peoples living on the planet. If the current trend was to continue, this gap is to widen even more because nature abhors imbalance. Nothing is lost, all is recycled, the dollar that should go into the pocket of an inhabitant of the Third World, goes into the pocket of a rich Westerner, thanks to the servile operating system that is capitalism.

Faced with the grand culture of the global world that wants to dissolve all other cultures into a single mold, another anarchist school of thought was born, in what is called alter globalists using the crucible of another form of anarchy that denies the principle of global direction and claims multiplicity against uniqueness. Despite the hopes it inspires, one must be honest to recognize that the anti-globalization movement is very poorly organized its lack of resources and its infiltration by the globalist forces can lead to its implosion, although it must be recognized that the beauty of freedom lies precisely in the lack of governing structures, apart from the intrinsic morality of every man who should know what it means, and how it should be applied. While the rest of the world populace does not seem to see what is happening working actively to stay in the yoke of servility towards the oligarch system, and dismissing as lunatics those who seem to challenge the absolute power of a handful of mortals on billions of peoples. It is no more time to be moved by injustice to better validate it by doing nothing to change it. The new order will not be global but mundane.

By Hubert Marlin elingui Jr

Journalist Writer

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