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Stezy Zimmer at the crossroads of the African musical modernism.

Flashmag this month has as guest star Stezy a musician singer songwriter and music producer,

Flashmag: Hi Stezy it is with great pleasure that we welcome you as the guest star this month, the time of this interview our gallery is yours, so tell us how Stezy Yoh born Zimmer comes to music what are the driving forces that lead him there?

Stezy: first thank you for welcoming me. I was born in Dakar, Senegal where I grew up until I was 20. I started making music at the age of 16 as a singer. I had the chance to meet a great producer Philip Monteiro in 2006, from there I was able to attend one of his compilations "Tornado" with the title "Mae". This encounter has stimulated my passion for music.

Flashmag: Coming from Senegal you sing in Portuguese why?

Stezy: yes I am mixed, from Senegal my father is German and my mother is Cape Verdean - Portuguese. That's why I sing in Portuguese.

Flashmag: You do into rhythms like Kizomba and Kuduru for those who don’t know tell us what it is. What are the origins of these rhythms?

Stezy: Kizomba is of Angolan origin, a style that has become very popular in Europe and in Portuguese speaking countries due to its rhythm and dance. This music was born in Luanda in the 80s under the influence of traditional Semba and Zouk music Kassav. Today it is much modernized. Kuduru is also of Angolan origin, which means "hard ass" in Portuguese translation. From a musical point of view, it is a mixture of "House" and "Semba" and "Kizomba" whose pace is accelerated.

Flashmag: Savant mixer African and Western music sounds, how the language of African music is expressed with modern tools, is there a perfect match?

Stezy: Personally African sounds inspire me a lot by its different rhythms and dances. Today it has a big place internationally. Some genres have experienced a real global success like Afrobeat, Rumba, Coupé décalé (shifted cut), Samba, Kizomba and so on ... So yes, African rhythms are rich and diverse. They will continue to inspire me. Because only a few styles are known to the public.

Flashmag: Based in France in Roubaix you spend most of your time in studio with audacity and ingenuity you have dared to do remix of a host of renowned artists, why?

Stezy: Remixes are for me exercises, to test new modern sounds. I see them as training tool and a way to promote my art.

Flashmag: So far how many albums and singles have you marketed as an artist?

Stezy: in 2013 I released my first single 'Bu bay baby ", then two years later in 2015 (Mas ki mal / Faze bo). As for the album it’s been already finalized for 6 months now. I intend to put it out before the end of 2015. As well as other collaborations in projects.

Flashmag: Very little is known about you in your biography, if not that you are very involved in collaborations with artists of various genres, how do you do to feel comfortable with different styles of music?

Stezy: many people ask me this question. It is related to my personality, I'm very curious especially when I heard a sound for the first time a style of music that I'm not used to hear. I dissect it to find its secrets even if it may take time, I always manage to sort it out. Moreover I have been around many artists and musicians of different styles. This enriched me by allowing me to be very versatile.

Flashmag: The public eagerly awaits the release of your new video “khale Bi” scheduled for October 1 what about this album?

Stezy "khale bi" is a song in Wolof, it means "lady". It speaks of the union of a couple and jealous people who want to destroy it.

I decided to release this title to a recall on my origins. This video clip will announce the release of my first album "Um vida d'artista" (an artist's life).

Flashmag: You produce your music and distribute it under Sharing record a label that I believe is your own label, how it goes so far?

Stezy: Yes to this day I am my own producer, it is a big advantage, I work without pressure. Being perfectionist I like to take my time to perfect my creations before releasing them. Sharing Record is one of my future projects. Because I intend to produce artists. But for the moment I have put it on standby to concentrate in my solo career. In order to gain more experiences and be better armed for the future.

Flashmag: During the production of your music do you have a target audience in mind?

Stezy: when I begin a musical composition I make sure it pleases me to be comfortable when singing, then I modernizes and adapts it to the public. Especially the choice of rhythms sounds and language.

Flashmag: while closing this interview do you have a special word to the public what are the big upcoming dates for Stezy and its fans?

Stezy: Thank Flashmag for this interview. I am happy that my music journey around the world. Thank you to the public that gives me strength. Hearing that you can savor my last clip "khale bi" and my 1st solo album will be released in mid-October 2015.

Flashmag: Stezy Flashmag and readership say thank you for this interview

Interview conducted by Hubert Marlin Jr.

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