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Eroticism, esotericism and celebrity, is this the end of the famed infamous?

The steps to the podium of the kudos are increasingly littered with infamy, so that informed observers are wondering whether the talent is not strictly linked to personality disorder, the more some would have, more the dark side of some would be more despicable. In this context, the chroniclers of the artistic life in the pay of the establishment seem to have devoted the fact that the real talent is only the preserve of people who suffer from some serious deficiencies in the moral point of view . Shortcomings that should be forgiven because of the artistic geniuses of some, even if it would harm innocent lives, thus confirming the fact that the celebrity are idols, who one cannot question the conduct , albeit amoral. In their jargon it would be blasphemy to pass judgment on these living gods. when the conspiracy theories against the world's cultural figures have often been brandished as an alibi to counter the sordid affairs , which the pestilence seemed to escape their comfort zone of influence, it becomes legitimate for those who try to castigate the deviant behavior of people erected as a model by a society of consumption manipulated by an establishment who knows how to use its clowns to entertain the global populace, diverting it away from the real existential questions, it is crucial to arm itself consequently, with a purpose well argued before opening the pages that have proven for some a Pandora's box, able to destroy careers and lives.

To convince the populace that the bitterness, jealousy, and influence peddling are in no way motivations underlying the literature that some minds short of argument want to tax of tabloid journalism, it is important to highlight the facts and let speak the consistency of circumstantial evidence that will convince even the most skeptical. For the secret of some occult practices doesn’t facilitates the presentation of the factual evidence which unfortunately are not always tangible except in extreme cases.

One case that made the headlines in the US for several months now is that of William (Bill) Cosby, the famous black American actor who has influenced generations of people with his television series, would have been ultimately a monster?

In view of the latest allegations, including his sealed confession in court in 2005, which confirms the fact that he deliberately, drugged at least one woman to have sex with her. The latest developments of this incident comes to support the hypothesis that in fact Bill Cosby as many other celebrities, play their greatest role, starring in the famed life which they sell to the public.

Things would be easier if by a kind of hypothetical probability, one could believe that ; given the number of celebrities, it would be normal time to time to come across a famed that would have a double life, the opposite of the person paraded in the mass-circulation media that is the secular arm of a dark order, lurking in the shadows, that makes and breaks the icons at will. Alas, despite the novels in rose water in which is written in the biographies of celebrities, things do not always turn like fairy tales. In reality the rules seem to be established in advance and people wanting to get a place in the sun in general are forced to sign what can be called a pact with the devil, what some may label euphemistically compromise often goes beyond the imaginable. So therefore, if the path to the holy grail of the famed glory is that of infamy, There are reasons to support adamantly that the world of celebrities is indeed the devil's den, without pay of course in the pejorative literature of conspiracy theory, which seems to see behind all ascension to prominence, a helping hands of the Devil.

The rules that govern the lives of celebrities are beyond the understanding of ordinary people, sects subtle as well as violent hold the reins of power and decide the future of artists. In this situation it is difficult to find in the planet Hollywood a celebrity who is not affiliated with a mystical order. In the case of Bill Cosby namely, it is clear that he has received support from these forces of shadows to get a place in the sun, when one knows what was the audiovisual landscape of the sixties in the US, with segregation and racism, one can be certain of one thing; Cosby is undoubtedly a talented actor, but above all he is one of those famous black affiliated with mystical orders, which often serve a different agenda than the interests of their community, and by now, his descent into hell is the last act of the life of deception and double dealing, the current woes in the arts and entertainment in the United States, has for goal to take forever opprobrium on this image of the black bourgeois, who after all is just treachery, duplicity. The respectable Dr. Huxtable would be a rapist in real life, with the confirmation of the latest revelations, who can still have trust on blacks, despite their riches and fame? Is there still valid models to whom the black community should turn for guidance ?

Cosby which in recent years went on crusade against the black community accusing black peoples of their own misfortune probably knew what awaited him. He wanted to take down himself his community before the establishment came to remind him that It is rather his life and secrets that would be the substance of this purpose, to serve as a weapon of destruction against his own community by his scandalous depreciation.

The occult world of the famed is full of debauchery and sex has a prominent place. The followers of mystical lodges know that sex is a door in which can funnel the mystical forces, when some speak of Kundalini to help the opening of the 3rd eye in general, this refers to ritualistic sexual acts. Also in the case of drug enhancing rape performed by Bill Cosby there has been what the master of the occult Aleister Crowley the representative of the Orientis Templaris Ordo (OTO) in the English-speaking world had defined as (ECL) Erato Comatose Lucidy . A tactic which leads adept of the occult, to perform a mystical sexual ritual with the help of drugs and hypnosis. Bill Cosby who was initiated in the mystical orders knew very well what he was doing in the 70s while he revealed during one of his sketches, that he knew a special drug that he had experienced in Spain, a drug that was capable of putting women in a state of immeasurable sexual appetite. In the latest news his wife Camille Cosby admitted that the alleged victims of these practices were consenting, to what purpose? if not to get in contact with some mystical entities that would have probably helped them to achieve their ambitions in life. Cosby who has reached a significant level in the knowledge of mystic gnosis simply practiced sessions, related to his mystical status, sessions that in no way would have offended his companion who knew what was going on, her full support until today is one proof.

To return to the Erato comatose lucidity, it is a practice that can bring those who are subject, to a phenomenal mystical experience that can cost them their lives, or make them fall into a deep sleep that will make them forget almost everything about sexual acts suffered, this is the main reason why many women in Hollywood who have experienced such abuse have difficulty making complaints and gather evidence of rape suffered .

Meanwhile one must not omit the fact that the Comatose Erato Lucidy can also be the way to have encounters with mystical entities with whom aspiring celebrities can sign pacts, this may seem like nonsense, however witchcraft sorcery is something irrational and laughable, only for those who do not know, to understand. For example in the sixties, if somebody was to pull out a high tech cell phone to start video chat with a friend at the other end of the world, the hippies or sixty heighters despite their rebellious spirit would have without doubt taxed the person a sorcerer or an alien. In the world of the occult realities are much more rational for insiders, and more over if these sects had no power, they would not recruit so many in the art world. Also Bill Cosby as master in mystical craft, worked for sure for these occult forces, enlisting young souls who had probably the ambition to climb the social ladder, and while practicing with them these sexual rituals he was trying to make new recruits out of these women, because honestly Cosby young rich and famous as he was years ago, had other means to have women in his bed, without using a method as complicated as drugs and hypnosis if the real aim was not primarily to serve the devil.

The mystical eroticism is not encumbered of sexual orientation; homosexuality and bestiality are possible in the practice of rituals, as for example, mating with dogs would be able to confer to those who engage in this practice the qualities of the animal, loyalty to the master. How many black personalities members of some secret societies have you seen heavily barking outside the house of their master ... and more the shame of those who have undergone these practices or the respect of the omerta in compliance with the contract they would had have with some entities hasn't revealed yet any homosexual victims, meanwhile since animals cannot speak, it is almost impossible to dwell into this direction ... However one can add that, apart from the innocent victims who were sacrificed on the altar of the glory of Mr Cosby, the bitterness and the whims of fate despite past agreements are undoubtedly the catalyst for the many accusers.

Things would be simpler, if the case concerned only consenting adults, or individuals lured into a trap because of ambitions somehow legitimate, but the mystical practices do not stop unfortunately to eroticism, it goes further to the rape and murder of minors, to pay the price of fame to some mystical forces, some do not skimp on the ignoble means, pedophilia and violent murder are often on the menu. Also in 2012, former bassist of the German rock band Scorpions, Ralph Rieckermann confided to one of our confreres that he had attended snuff fest in the past. For those who do not know, snuff parties were attended by people who, according to Rieckermann, paid more than $ 100,000 to see a live show where peoples were killed . A fantastic story that would fade over a sensitive soul, but which appears to be true when one takes into consideration the influence of satanic eroticism networks, and global statistics on the disappearance of persons. Every year millions of people disappear never to be found again, if other causes can be considered one must not overlook that a significant number of these people disappear in satanic networks.

With the motto, “leave rein to imagination and temptation, with the absolute prohibition of repressing instincts and desires, like Aleister Crowley advocated, one of the largest precursor of the modern Satanist movement, and before that, with Oscar Wilde who said the only thing he could not resist is temptation ... if the sexual and criminal instincts are tolerated and even welcomed, because the sole moral is total freedom, then the worst for the innocent victims is feared.

Is it the end of the famed infamous? to answer this question one must initially understands the logic of secret societies, which is to be always in control of the situation if Bill Cosby is sacrificed today most likely it’s because the networks that have always supported him and his career have decided to deliver him to the mob for a specific purpose. Let him write the last act of a life of deception, or else sacrifice him to protect the critical machine that controls the occult life of the stars in Hollywood. In the era of the Internet and multi-dimensional information, it becomes very difficult to control all information in the scope of the global populace, so using several spy programs governments of the Northern Hemisphere that are heavily involved in these networks because with espionage means they have, their services are necessarily in the scent of all erotic criminal activities in which the Western art community engages. In default to sponsor some celebrities these agencies use the information gleaned as a lever for their political propaganda, and therefore do not hesitate to flood the internet with false information that would throw discredit on information circulating on the Web, if the latter is not issued from the media organization under their tutelage. However, despite the eagerness to discredit and to throw anathemas against the truth, the world more than ever begins to know how to make a distinction between the wheat and the chaff.

By Hubert Marlin E;ingui Jr

Journalist writer

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