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True Slavery it’s now

If the standard definition conveyed by Western dictionaries made slavery a phenomenon based on domination and coercion of a group of individuals by another one, in order to use them in tasks for material profit without compensation; It is important from the first lines of this editorial, to remove the ambiguity, and state clearly that this definition is vicious, and contributes to the brainwashing of the global populace.

The triangular trade was not a sane business, but a criminal enterprise, a crime who used the kidnapping of individuals from their homeland for deportation in appalling conditions, to distant horizons, where they were forced to work for the profit of some social groups without compensation, if not an investment in the workforce as an accommodation that allowed them to survive to produce more for the kidnappers, traffickers and pimps. The usurpation of the term slavery is a subtlety that eludes the majority, as it is heard by unsuspecting minds that, the forced deportation of millions of people to the Americas was slavery.

If Slavery strictly speaking is something serious, by far, it is less grave than the context of crimes and genocide to which it was applied. Also it is important to reframe the term slavery in its real context. The refusal of the same elite to characterize this ignominy as a crime against humanity follows the same logic of delusion of global consciousness.

However, from the 4th millennium BC Sumerian tablets define slavery as an activity that concerns mostly foreigners as the term slave in Sumerian means foreigner, which implies that the majority of peoples who went in the region to work until the height of the Babylonian Empire in the 18th century BC, did it as migrant workers. They went there or were taken there to fill menial tasks against remuneration. The Code of Hammurabi, King of Babylon in the 18th century BC also recognizes certain rights to slaves, "they have the right to do business and marry local women, who were free with broader rights, since they were Babylonians, while foreign workers were themselves under the protection of a master that used them in a variety of tasks. And of course there was a moral contract between the parties. The slave accepted his condition and the master recognized to have certain obligations to his servants. This system inherited from Eurasia was later developed in Europe with feudalism, where the serfs knew they were bonded to the lord of manor, generation after generation.

In Africa, however, slavery will take a more contractual form, both in ancient Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa.

If the term slave does not exist in the various languages ​​of the time, in fact there is a situation that recognizes the caste of workers legatee of expertise received from their bloodline, who are paid and have a certain respect of the ruling class and the populace, even so there was also a system that commanded the people to pay their debt in kind by providing labor to their creditors. And of course in this situation, there was always a kind of contract, the worker under the authority of a customary court, the king or clan chieftain agreed to pay its debts by a labor that was not forced but required by law for the payment of obligations to a third party. Also Serfdom or slavery in Africa and Europe in the standards implies the acceptance of a moral contract to serve. These prerogatives were often linked to birth in a family or caste of people. This obligation, right or condition was transmitted from generation to generation in some cases, or in others temporarily, the time to pay debts, a sort of condemnation in facts.

The above mentioned situation is in direct antagonism with the definition of slavery, said submission by force, which seems to be accepted by the popular imagination. Also it is important to note for posterity that the deported peoples in the Americas have never been slaves but simple crime victims. And in fact they have never accepted this condition to serve without compensation, they had no material or customary obligation to fulfill, to the people they did not know and had never traded with, nor met before the fateful day of their entrance in captivity.

Raids and forced deportations of Africans to the Americas, have also helped to destroy the social organization of African peoples. Very few remember very little of the conditions prevailing before the siege and commissioning of the black continent. However rare historical writings attest to the fact that before the 14th century, the few Europeans who have ventured into the continent had found well organized tribal societies and mostly well dressed, the thriving textile industry occupied a prominent place. (the return of Dutch Wax fabric in Africa is only a capitalistic retrocession of a culture once stolen)

However, by the 15th and 16th century African tribes will found themselves naked more and more, suffering the blows of a carefully contrived occupation that soon had to ruin any local socio-economic organization. At the end Africans will see themselves on the other side of the Atlantic in the cotton fields to develop the textile industry of those who have kidnapped and reduced them to forced labor a fact that is far from trivial. Cotton plantations in the southern United States are actually among the first to have experienced the importation of skilled workers a fact quickly forgotten in the mysteries of the troubled history that links the West to Africa.

The Gullah people who worked in South Carolina and Georgia were deported from Sierra Leone by force as specialist in the production of rice. This is an example proving the thesis of selective deportation at a certain point.

A top crime against humanity has evolved into slavery, which yet was clearly codified activity and was far from the infamy that suffered the African populations in the Americas. (the black code wasn’t a law but a crime blue print) The qualification of this dirty task, as slavery is actually a way to legitimize a mass crime in the consciousness of world populace.

Language is the expression of consciousness, in Egypt and ancient Greece, it has a mystical character. Indeed it was recognized to the language, the quality of divine tool. Also what was said and wrote was sacred. To utter magic formulas they used the language, the reading of some holy verses was made only by some persons during specific ceremonies, even in the Africanized Islam practiced in the Mandingo empire, and the words written on a tablet had the power to heal some ailments. Till today it is common to see marabouts(traditional healers), scribble magic formulas on tablets and retrieve these words into a mystical concoction with the washing water of these tablets. In ancient Egypt one could eat a papyrus on which was written a magic formula that could cure from a certain disease, Or better as a spell potion that helped to captivate the beloved.

Words have a power, the current generation of human being seems to overlook, yet it is through words that we managed to convince the masses to follow a certain path. It is through the written words, namely the papal bull (Pope Nicolas V, Tommaso Parentucelli (1398-1455) allowed slavery January 8, 1454 the Vatican thus declared a holy war against Africa in his papal bull "Romanus Pontifex) that kidnapping deportation and forced labor were legitimized, thus a crime became slavery which however was something more understandable but not inhuman especially at the time.

The first written documents relating to the status of workers or servants of the nobility precisely forbade the mistreatment of those working as servants of the aristocracy both in Africa and in the West. A great Indian chief stated, The power of one thing or an act lays in the meaning and understanding that we have of it.

If African lived 400 years of horror in the Americas, an ignominy which has been made an acceptable euphemism by giving it the term slavery, it’s important to note that morally for the major part of these people there has never been a question of accepting the condition in which they lived, because in the minds of the Africans deported in the Americas, seethed rebellion and refusal to accept the condition in which they lived recurrence of escapes and rebellion attempts are there to show it unequivocally. The ploy of religion to soften the minds to accept this condition was a deceit used wisely.

The real slavery is now, despite pressure from social Darwinism, the trend for the majority of the global black elite is the paid collusion. In place of the noble struggle against the evils of society dominated by Western philosophy, which advocates the domination of one over the other, and the destruction of social and biological environment for material gain. Per se the Native American wise words stated over 150 years ago ring truer “When you’ll have cut all the trees, polluted all the rivers, locked all the animals, then perhaps you will understand that you cannot eat money”.

In the same vein on can ask the followers of the black treachery the question: "when there will be only traitors in their community, whom honest man will they betray?” In an unparalleled cowardice some chose to feed the monster of injustice by selling into slavery, the treacherous rewards have turned a certain category of individuals into slaves who have accepted immorality as the operating mode. Where once slaves or serfs had a moral contract towards their master or landlord feeling bound for generations by a kind of moral contract, rooted in a centuries old-custom, with time, which tends to legitimize acts even uneven. Modern slaves and their masters know very well that their contract is signed by the rules of immorality; they know what the objectives of the said agreement are and what each other have to win.

Also in the area of arts and sports, biggest stars from the black community are not shy to adopt a certain misconduct. By hitting the sensitivities of their own race; yet they know what they are doing; since they are just trying to conduct their slavery contract to earn money and fame from the establishment, while sacrificing social progress and moral integrity of the race from which they originated. Attitude that serves the hegemonic ambitions of a certain elite of the race of their masters, as all white were never masters of slaves, yet commonly people tend to make a mix that serves only the interests of the aristocracy and the establishment, which once were the same who decided to resort to racism, in view to impose to a certain race forced labor. Meanwhile profit maximization by compression of costs in production, was the law enforced for that purpose. Also today the situation has gained legitimacy over time, so that it has become the norm.

Stubbornly assert that all material benefits that white people can enjoy today, they had have it in reference to the status of slavery is to make the game of collective guilt that set the collective fight against the black race. All whites are far from having had ancestors who contributed to the ignominious traffic. Collective guilt serves only the interests of class antagonism and collective racism as it becomes the only bulwark to protect the interests of race members who at some point feel bound to a common destiny, which was imposed to them by a minority of super rich. Super rich, who hailed, have become reference models. Also some people find that logically if one hopes to be one of those super rich one day, there's a classic path to follow. Classic way that promotes emphatically slavery for black and racism for white. also to do well one must belong to one clan or another.

Also secrets orders as the black freemasonry (Prince Hall), is of slave obedience, a sect which recruits in the highest sphere of the black diaspora in the world is plaguing African Americans circles and interconnection between community members. The member of the black community gathered in the order Prince Hall swear allegiance to Aryanism and to Albert Pike one of the founding father of the Ku Klux Klan, and modern American freemasonry. In rituals they take the oath of accepting all sins of the founding fathers as theirs, they swear in perpetuity to always put the interests of any descendant of the white race above those of all black person, and defend this established order including by their blood, and of course in return they get access to the facilities in the structure of the establishment, bank credits, propaganda in the media of the empire, and more.

Many have never understood why the most racist whites have black friends of the elite. If the National Front Parti in France is recruiting in the black community, and has sympathizers as the comedian Dieudonné Mballa, US President Barack Obama has obtained supports twice of the Ku Klux Klan in the 2008 and 2012 elections, While his friend Jay-Z is in business with firms like Barneys that has repeatedly been involved in flagrante delicto of racism, towards the black population. These incomprehensible antagonisms for the layman are in fact partnership realities for those who understand how the system works.

By Hubert Marlin Elingui Jr.

Journalist Writer

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