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Super model Dji Dieng the beauty from the heart

Flashmag meet this month with an icon of the Black beautyDji Dieng. She was born at Thies, Senegal; and spends her childhood partly in Dakar, as well as in Paris. She’s a French citizen. She lived further in Italy and the United States of America; quick learner Dji speaks 5 languages. In her adolescence she planned to become lawyer or polytechnician (like her father), but these dreams have been changed suddenly when she was discovered by a "Scout" of an international Model Agency. With her parents as "protectors", she went to her first casting in Paris meeting, immediate success, as she was signed for the advertising contract of "Make-up Forever" and Haute-Couture Fashion Shows.

Today, among the fashion specialists Dji Dieng is considered as one of the most beautiful black Supermodel of the world. It’s generally admitted by connoisseurs that she has the longest legs of the actual fashion world. From Paris to Milan, Copenhagen to London, Vienna to Cape Town, America to Asia and other Fashion Centers around the World, she performs for the most important Fashion Creators, Haute-Couture, Prêt-à-Porter and Designers as Hermès, Carven, Christian Dior Paris, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Vivienne Westwood, Alphadi, Madonna collection and many others… All of them have been amazed by her magnetic presence and friendliness.

With her astonishing Elegance and electrifying Aura the fashion experts consider Dji as one of the most beautiful colored women to date. She has graced the covers of the most coveted magazine around the world as – Marie-Claire, Glamour, Vanity Fair, MAX, GQ, Vogue and hundreds others. She has contributed to several TV fashion shows contest as judge.

Conscient of her position Dji doesn’t downplay her kindness to reach out for those in need.

Her social engagements throughout the world have been honored by the most important international humanitarian organizations and publishing companies Due to her quite perfect image and exemplary career Dji has been called by the UNESCO National Committee, to become Goodwill Ambassadress in Sri Lanka to support the orphans, victim of the tsunami and the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, UNDP, UNESCO, UNV and USAID the company CCR Universal Entertainment Ltd of Supermodel Dji Dieng had co-organized Sri Lanka’s first Peace Concert, combined with a fashion show at Colombo. Over 1.5 million spectators had followed the concert broadcasted by MTV and Dji Dieng via her company. This great humanitarian event; which has seen perform music stars, top models and fashion designers from around the world was covered by Fashion TV during one entire week.

Dji Dieng is committed for many years to fight actively HIV/AIDS worldwide. In 2009 Dji Dieng, cooperated with UNESCO-BREDA and 9 other Senegalese celebrities in favor of a HIV / AIDS Video Prevention campaign in Senegal.

She’s also constantly one of the guest stars at the Europe’s biggest AIDS Charity Event, the LIFE BALL –, together with personality like Sharon Stone, Catherine Deneuve, Anastacia, Naomi Campbell, Nadja Auerman, Marcus Schenkenberg, Janet Jackson and many others, a charity held in front of over 45'000 spectators in Vienna. For her social engagements around the globe (AIDS, Malaria, Breast Cancer, UNESCO, Orphans, etc.), she contributed to a peace song in favor of CARE Germany. Dji Dieng assigned her entire honorary and the records revenue in favor of CARE.

Dji Dieng had been honored with the UNITED NATIONS VOLUNTEER AWARD, the LEADING LADIES AWARD, AWARD FOR HUMANITY, the Award of the UNESCO City of Kotor, and other merits; Supermodel Dji Dieng has hold the High Patronage of Pink Ribbon, in favor of the breast cancer campaigns in 2013.

Dji Dieng is the guest star of Flashmag this month in the line that follows she gives us more insight about her person.

Flashmag:Hello Dji! It’s a huge honor for us to have you as a guest star for the February issue off Flashmag.

You’re one of the biggest personality in the fashion industry today how do you live your life of Super model? As a kid did you ever figured out you will reach this level?

Dji Dieng: Hello Flashmag! I am very pleased to be your guest in your magazine. As a kid I never dreamt to become a model. I had other dreams like many other girls. My life today is very normal. I work in a glamorous business, but I prefer to have my own quiet private life. I go to the markets, grocery stores and cook. Yes, I am a good cook (big smiles).

Flashmag: what can you say about the image of the black woman in the fashion industry today? How are your relations with former Super model like, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, or Liya Kebede, who have shown the path to numerous of black girls?

Dji Dieng: Indeed, Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Iman or Liya Kedebe are the most important black supermodels who performed through another era of fashion different of what it is today. They have reached so many things and I have met them at different occasions, I have great respect for their professional achievements. Each of them – or let’s say, each of us is different and individual and can’t be compared to the others. Of course modeling business is not easy. I would say it is one of the most demanding jobs. You must be determined, disciplined and never get influenced by the tempting glitter and glamour. It is stressful, sometimes very chaotic, with long working hours. But it is still so challenging to be at the heartbeat of fashion and creation.

Flashmag: Flashmag is a media partner of top model of color international a worldwide contest

based in England that advocates creating opportunities in the fashion industry for models of Black ethnicity, Hispanic, Asian or mix-raced, what can you say about this enterprise?

Dji Dieng: People of any ethnic group have their positions in our society. Therefore it is nothing much special when ethnic model contests are organized. Blacks, Hispanics, Asian and mix-raced pay especially attention on what they wear or how they look; from their hairs to the smallest accessories to wear. Therefore it is a big market for any brand of consumer goods.

Flashmag: Talking about intimate relationship is it easy for you to deal with it as well, seen your profession and aura? Not married yet, do you think about getting married one day? And how do you want your chosen one to be?

Dji Dieng: Funny, that I always get questions about my private life. Does a journalist also question a famous banker about his private life, or a scientist? I don’t think so. So why is it interesting for the public to know about my private life? (Big smiles)

Flashmag:(Smiles) yes we are working for the public and it’s always interesting for them to know, may be your husband to come will be reading this interview and other women also like to know what famous women think about love…

Dji Dieng: Sure I hope to get married one day and to have kids, like any other woman. The day I will get married, all of you will know it for sure (big smile).

Flashmag: throughout your huge career you have been around the world working with the biggest name do you have any anecdotic story you can tell us something weird you have lived or one of your best moment?

Dji Dieng: The best moments of course have always been when I could put my help for those in need. Like at the UNESCO School in Kasgoda in Sri Lanka, were the kids looked at me with BIG eyes and we shared some happiness and good time together in singing and dancing, but also in some education class lessons.

Worst moments are when at the fashion shows 20 minutes prior to the show the designer opens the boxes and shout: “Mon Dieu, where are the shoes?”

Flashmag: you’re one of the kindest known personality, we have seen you in several manifestation to help those in need what are your plan to further your humanitarian work?

Dji Dieng: I will of course continue my social engagements. As you know I am committed to AIDS Prevention, Malaria and Tuberculosis, but also for the Clean Water Cause. Because today the entire planet does not pay enough attention to our most precious elements: Water!

Hundred thousands of people die because there are no harvests because of droughts. People die of cholera because of impure water. Water is Life! Without water no life and therefore no future for our humanity.

And of course raise more awareness about breast cancer which kills still today 1 of 9 women.

Flashmag: Dji Dieng we thanks you and our readership with us, for the time you took to answer our few questions.

Video Dji Dieng Photo shooting

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