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Who holds the solution of population control?


Every single day followers of the Malthusian population control take the stand to decry the exponential growth of the world population of the Third and Fourth World. Indeed, as the saying goes, the bed of the proletarian would be very fruitful because indolent he would have nothing else to do than indulge in the pleasure of the flesh.

This cliché from the time of inquisition of the rigorist Catholic church, is the allegory of the paradigm of contempt maintained by a certain elite that thinks it has the secret of rocket science.

Very few people take the risk of having children when they know very well that they do not have the means to take care of. To disregard this fact is to remove the logic of a consequential reasoning, to the global populace less affluent. Eugenics defended by the establishment is only a nepotism related to the purse. One doesn’t become rich just because he /she is genetically more viable than others. Some can remember that a few decades ago the same proponents of eugenics proposed Western governments to pass laws prohibiting the less fortunate to have kids, these draconian laws were never passed in the form but in the fact it is been happening slyly .

For the less fortunate in the south as well as in the northern hemisphere, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make children. Social constraints with unemployment and lack of economic opportunity, forbid their right to have stable relationships, which eventually would result to a union whose fruit would be a child. In this context why when it comes to birth control, it is always the poor that are the target?

The answer is in the distribution of wealth, the rich have increasingly cold sweats about their phenomenal enrichment equaled only by the impoverishment of the majority of the world population, and the fear of the mass is real among the wealthy. So they are working in every stratagem to preserve their assets by weakening the masses, both by misinformation of main Stream media outlets they own, or by imposing the blockade at the level of education, with the overall rise of the price of access to education, and worse more and more armed conflicts are being globalized. Conflict funded by the same fortunes whose primary objective is to create death famine and desolation in the masses. Thomas Robert Malthus was formal, to maintain a balance, a balance that serves only the interests of the wealthy, it was essential to have natural disasters, wars and epidemics. Far from leaving the nature or timeless hazard do things, some are trying to help the coming of chaos. It is no longer a secret that secret sterilization campaigns were conducted on people less fortunate in the southern and northern hemisphere, it's not a secret that the real purpose of family planning clinics in the United States is to help abort women from the black minority. It is estimated that 16 million black fetuses have passed from life to death since. The same non-governmental organization that makes a dirty job (wet work in the jargon of spooks) that some governments could not have done, have implemented all over the third world branches of their program. It's not a secret that many epidemics that hit the third world today are actually created artificially in laboratories. Same for the armed conflicts that are supported by the same followers of the ideology of the ordo ab chaos. Create chaos to impose an order that serve the interests of the arsonists.

Proponents of population control are prone to mention the limited resources relative to population growth. This principle has every reason to seem legitimate, if one does not understand the world beyond the prism imposed by the establishment. An aberration since it is clear that the world has enough resources so that each individuals living on can have what to eat every day, these manipulators of thought will make you believe that this is a utopia, yet the only incongruity barely comprehensible is the huge gap between rich and poor.

There is a fact that does not suffer from impudence, the whole world produces more resources than it consumes; the only problem is linked to poor repartition of goods and services available, resulting from the selfishness of some, manifested in the predation of the third world resource by the West. When speaking about the control over the population of Africa, some refuse to say that because of the insatiable appetites of the Western ogre, Africa would have to reduce its number of inhabitants because with what is taken to the black continent in the biggest scam of the deterioration of the terms of trade, without due consideration and equity over what they’re supposed to get from the trade with the west, Africans would not survive.

The only solution to control the population is to use radical means such as nuclear and bacteriological bombs to shave the third world countries of their population because anyway the population of the third World will continue to grow.

However it is important to note that the right solution that will help the evolution of humanity is not the control of the population but the democratization of the access to wealth.

The gap between the classes is outrageous. If the 1% of rich of this world represent about 70 million peoples spread over the surface of the globe, the 85 richest people of the 1% alone, have a wealth equivalent to the assets of 3 billion people living on the planet. An injustice that some feel natural, everyone cannot be rich, it will be said, yet the system set up by the same men is made just for that, keep the majority in misery.

Things simply have to be reshaped once for good. If some think they can impose democracy by guns, why not impose a better distribution of wealth in this world. Before cogitating on freedom of thought, one must have a good mind to think better. The sneaky refusal to the masses, to access technology and higher education should be the first thing to take down, before addressing the system governing men which in fact is another tool that helps to impoverish the third world.

The famous democracy has killed since the 90s millions of people who will never be free; this must be stated once and for all. The solution of a Control towards the evolution of mankind is to repay the excess reaped by the use of evil and contempt structures, such as slavery, colonialism, and their corollary that are racism and neocolonialism. Bill Gates' estimated $ 40 billion in fortune could help send to school and feed millions of people. Despite living on billions while advocating the denial of the right to live to others less affluent, he may well decide to stop living a billionaire life and give his money to the needy. And in the mean time instead of limiting the number of individuals on earth he should also think to limit the number of computers that Microsoft sells throughout the world why not.

While the wealthy who are actually followers of the destruction of humanity speak of population control they forget or pretend to ignore the fact that the problem is not the growth of the population but resource limitations imposed by them. If the rich were robing less, without shamelessly overexploiting the global populace, there would be fewer poor. A more educated and affluent humanity despite its growing number could have since found solutions to its expansion into other planets, conquering the universe. The real problem is that very few brains are working on the development of mankind. As some keep believing that they are the only ones who are intelligent, and therefore able to find solutions that suit only their selfishness and narrow-mindedness, humanity will plunge into the abyss of ignorance. For example if African which some argue zealously they never invented anything are able to understand how technology works and even invent new concepts isn’t it the proof that they have always been intelligent and therefore could well have been the source of the foundation of the Egyptian civilization, and could also help the world see more clearly in this decadent period if only they were given the opportunity?

By Hubert Marlin Jr. Elingui

Journalist Writer

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