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Self-censorship among Africans and Afro Westerners: act of submission or safety precaution


The Zeitgeist is for free expression, but in this freedom of expression there is the conditional freedom of expression and the conditioned freedom of expression, as the boundaries between information and disinformation have become very slim. In the jargon of thugs the use of half lies and half-truths has become the modus operandi that has more and more followers, in the way that is distilled the information by hand Stream media. To tell part of the truth and hide the other part, it's a lie by omission with mostly aim to mislead the audience in the maze of ignorance. Also in the landscape of conditional freedom of expression, one says what we want while respecting the freedom of others that should not be violated, while in the context of conditioned freedom of expression, provocation, anathema invective and falsehood, are willingly used to achieve a certain goal in the misinformation of the populace and the conquest of a certain power over things that govern the lives of men and consequently the consciousness of mankind. In this universe of deception where gravitate information in real time and offline, with the great mix of social networks many individuals have found new vocations in the comment of the continuous information. Africans and Afro westerner promptly, intruded into the breach of the popular commentary of the information offered by social networks, with nobility and sharpness for some, condescendence for others, and odious speculation for some in a significant fringe.

In this informational imbroglio, many have no doubt realized that everything that is said and read on a social network can rise to the surface and affect their lives both positively and negatively. it will never overstated to say that big intelligence agencies such as the CIA now use trends in private opinions published on social networks to get a good idea of how people think. We live quite a critical time, when the single thought seems to be dead and buried, it doesn’t apply for those who believe that peoples must be helped to think a certain way. When they try to present globalization as a noble concept, they promote actually in a sneaky way, an uniformity of thought, which only serves their hegemonic interests. The opinion leaders practice a profession which today has reached the heights of full employment. In the digital and infomercial age no political goals is achieved without preparing the consciousness of the populace, and who says preparing consciences implies in many ways manipulation of consciences. The deconstruction of paradigms imposed by the dominant forces dealing with general information has become a Herculean task for media professionals, who are trying to put the lantern of the information on the scales of justice. In an unequivocally realistic manner it is clear that the truth if it frees as some say, at the same time it can condemn and imprison both peoples and minds, in a vision of things, sometimes wanted by those who implicitly propagated this truth which can be a false truth, or a real truth would to hurt some, while benefiting others, the game of interest in this perspective is often the predominant element.

In this battle of the conquest of consciences neo slavery is back, hitting the spirits with astonishing acuity inside the global black populace. If before the house negro was content to render material services to gain master esteem and material benefits, now the same house negro today, renders services both material and immaterial to his master, trying to indoctrinate the minds of his fellows, or to oppose all those of his caste that would threaten directly or indirectly the interest of his master. Who controls the mind controls the body, which controls consciousness controls the action, it will never been said enough

While some self-proclaimed masters of conscience try to imprison in their scheme of thought entire nation sowing hate crime and desolation, because of a false ideal that serves paradoxically the hegemonic agenda of those they say they are fighting. It raises the question of whether the civilization of incivility is not the common shameful hyphen that units two worlds that follow the same process of oppression of others. The denial of the right to life for the other, while simply donning different gloves and clothes. State racism of a certain wild West, that is terrorizing black people from Paris to New York, is equaled by the terror suffered by the people of Nigeria and northern Cameroon, under the coward blows of a horde of dogs of war, who are trying to impose the destruction of the right to life of others, to impose by force their opinion. The exploitation of fear is something well known to one side or the other. Although both worlds in the absolute are one, one being the hidden face of the other.

As of now, after the United States, France has logistics and laws allowing the government to know that French citizens say in social networks and imprison them if necessary. The tragedy of Charlie Hebdo saw the first victims of the new development strategy to put a gag on the freedom of expression of the populace, since January 7th 2015 many French citizens are indicted for condoning acts of terrorism, when those latter were simply exercising their right to say what they think of the excesses of Charlie Hebdo, which could inflame other excesses. In this context the Africans and Afro Westerners whose main source of income is precarious jobs whose the pay is controlled by the white establishment, who is not always to their side, would be dreading to voice their opinion for fear of reprisals?

In these decadent times, as a black person, to state that you do not agree with some things has become a revolutionary act, that some turn away from shamefully. Some African and Afro Westerners impose to themselves a censorship, a denial of compassion towards their fellows in the speculative intent to please those who hold the purse strings; this denial makes them new slaves in the service of the white establishment. While in the same week hundreds of innocent peoples were massacred by obscurantism in Africa, journalists and cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo in France fell under the bullets of intolerance. While serious voices nevertheless agree to castigate a way to do journalism that would pay in the invective, racism and incitement, either by cynicism, hypocrisy or humility about death do not condemn nor absolve completely the victims of the tragedy. Meanwhile few Africans and Afro Westerner had the courage to point the finger in the right direction, ignoring their own misfortune to parade with people who simply never had solidarity to them. When will the black man understand that he is alone with his destiny? That in trying to make friends with flattery and refusal to uphold its own interests, he rather attracts scorn and condescension of those who think that it is legitimate for them to keep him under their yoke as long as they please. Nobody uttered a word about the anti-black riots in Israel the same week, but some African presidents were eager to walk next to the Israeli prime minister like nothing grave was happening in Israel against African people. For proof while Nigeria mourns its dead with a countdown which amounts to thousands in a week, the president of neighboring Benin, thought it was right to have a national mourning day in memory of the 12 French victims, ignoring the dead of the neighboring village, He would have more affection for overseas Leucoderms, leucophily (love of whiteness) is the besetting sin of some African and Afro Westerners in search of assimilationist acceptance.

In the meantime, while Washington deplored tersely Nigerian victims, the focus in the press release from the White House, has been on criticism of the Nigerian government for its lack of respect for human rights, implying the perpetual rape of human rights by insurgents seems to hold no one attention. The abuses of the US military which appeared in a recent report however does not seem to exonerate Uncle Sam from any molestation, with allegations of rape of minors committed by American soldiers in the presence of relatives of the victims in Iraq. The appropriateness of an approach, full of remonstrance against a sovereign country in a situation so blatant, would leave stunned those who do not understand the real objectives of international politics of western states regarding Africa and internal politics of these same states towards the black population living in the West.

In both cases a single word seems to better summarize the ideals: submission. Being rebellious is a crime that often can result in death, as well as in Baga, Paris, or New York. Faced with the agenda of the West there is no safety precaution, since the survival of the Africans and their descendants is not part of the program. In the same view the submission of the African likewise has the same result, with in addition a slow and dishonorable death. Africans and Afro descendants sometimes do not know that by standing still and facing the enemy they have a chance to get away even by taking their legs to their neck, retreat to better tackle later is not the worst choice while to kneel down is to render probably the ultimate service to their master; the one to shoot them down without difficulty.

Anyhow some may say congratulations to Charlie because in the space of a day it was forgotten who benefits from the crime of terrorism. Do not just look the victims; do not just look at the perpetrators of despicable acts because they are all part of the accessories, the tools used by a certain elite to achieve its agenda. Look at the result of infamy. Who benefits from the crime, Qui Bono? In a changing world with Africa that in 2050 should reach the 2 billion mark of inhabitants, while holding significant resources at his feet, resources it should have the control over more than ever to safeguard its survival, it is important that African and Afro descendant watch their Africa, they have to that know what is going on there is likely to push the cradle of their race in an unprecedented period of slavery. Yet now more than ever Africa has intelligence and resources to redefine the world map, awareness of the new generation is no longer enough, action must be taken others are already there, planning wars division hitting targets after targets in a proxy war. It is aberrant that a rebellion that allegedly fights against Western civilization is bent on local populations solely. Many have forgotten that ECOMOG (Economic Community of West African States Monitoring Group), the military force of ECOWAS (of West African States Development Community), mostly made up of Nigerian military had played an important role (the (institution of cease-fire) in civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone in the past. Fearing that Nigeria could use ECOMOG to supplant the influence of the great powers in the sub-region, President George Bush, founded the ACRI (Africa Crisis Response Initiative) in 2004. With the help of the CIA, the ACRI recruited young Islamists that were trained in camps along the border with Cameroon, in the collection of Intelligence, weapons manipulation, and survival techniques. Those trained Young people were never enlisted in the armies of any country, but rather joined the ranks of the insurgents for what purpose? The French aircraft intercepted in Nigeria in December 2014, and heavy weaponry in the hands of insurgents, with military vehicles made in France which are traceable by satellite, but remain desperately invisible by the West should also make understand the skeptics who are the real sponsors of anarchy. It is clear that many are not Charlie but Jack the Ripper. And the history of tomorrow is written today wrote some have already chosen to enter in the annals of world history as traitors and criminals in larger proportions, as those who once contributed to the slave raids, a vision that appeals to a certain establishment that makes them a shameless advertising, the ugly bearded have become the main attraction of what is happening in Africa. However, Africans and Afro Westerners must not let the vile character take the leading role in the film of the events that shook the world right now. In this new struggle whose purpose is to return the black continent in the abyssal depths of dishonor and servility, it is time to stand together against oppression, and generalization of scoundrel’s label, history is giving us an exclusive chance to redeem ourselves, from our past misdeed to the eyes of the world and future generations. What we do now more than ever will remain etched in the annals. The growing literate rate of the global population and information flow are serving this purpose. How do we want to be perceived by those who come after us? Anyway sneaky supporters of contempt structures had better stand, over time they will increasingly be put in the dock and the future generations will have a clear idea of who did what and why, with the traces we leave virtually and physically it will be easy for them to go back in the time and find out who we were. ..

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By Hubert Marlin Jr. Elingui

Journalist Writer

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