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The end of America and part of the Western Civilization will happen sooner than later


It’s not about making sensation on the web but telling what really will happen when the Yellowstone explode. If America has reached a level of high tech and sophisticated weaponry, despite the enemies real or imaginary it likes to talk about, there’s something americans kept quiet about; throwing all information related to the power of destruction mother nature is about to inflict them, as fiddlestick, or internet prank, yet the true is rather chilling

For years, observers tracking earthquakes swarming under Yellowstone have warned that the Montana Park’s supervolcano is overdue to erupt. Now, a new study concludes that the magma chamber is far larger — and more dangerous — than previously thought. With 88.5 kilometers of Length, the magma chamber is 29 kilometers wide and between five and 14 kilometers below the earth. The value of hot molten rock, is 2 times and half larger than previously estimated. It has 2,000 times the Potential power of an eruption, as the one of the Mount St. Helens in 1980.

In 1973 geologist Bob Christiansen was determined to find out when Yellowstone had last erupted. He began by reviewing the hardened ash leaves, dozens of meter of thick earth that had formed during the eruption . What he found was 3 separate layers. This meant there had been 3 different eruptions. When Christiansen and his team dated the Yellowstone ash he found something unexpected. The oldest caldera was formed by a vast eruption 2 million years ago. The second eruption was 1.2 million years old and when he dated the third and most recent eruption he found it occurred just 600,000 years ago. The eruptions were regularly spaced. He stated :” Quite amazingly we realized that there was a cycle of caldera-forming eruptions, these huge volcanic eruptions about every 600,000 years.”

Yellowstone was on a 600,000 year cycle and the last eruption was just 600,000 years ago. And as of today it’s well known that the Yellowstone is fully active, so if the volcano goes off about every 600 000 years a new eruption will happen in the near future, even if in geological scale, near future can be tonight tomorrow or in a few hundred years. Nevertheless with the new technology, scientists can determine with relative accuracy when a volcano will erupt, and the 22 seismograph placed around Yellowstone for decade have been sending vital informations, and some of these information are kept secret by the American government. It’s simply very strange that recently the American government did the request to the South African government to shelter millions of Americans in case the Yellowstone was to erupt. Request which was denied by the South African government stating that the arrival of millions of white Americans in a country that has just started the process to heal from apartheid and racism is not something to recommend since it could trigger social unrest.

Meanwhile one of the biggest pollutant of world may well paid the bill of its behavior and forced by Mother Nature to cool down global warming. For a long time scientists have known that volcanic ash can affect the global climate. The fine ash and sulphur dioxide blasted into the stratosphere reflects solar radiation back into space and stops sunlight reaching the planet. This has a cooling effect on the Earth.

In the year following the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, in the Philippines for instance the average global temperature fell by half a degree Celsius. Even if the cooling effect of an eruption will be catastrophic for the northern hemisphere, paradoxically deserted part of the southern hemisphere like the Sahara and the Kalahari Desert can once again turn green. That’s why Africa more than before is the object of a full scale scheme of occupation. That has the deceptive face of humanitarian help or cooperation against terrorism.

Africa indeed does not need strong men who could say no to the United States. The no of the South African government dominated by ANC which has a revolutionary identity to defend, could become, a yes if ANC was switched off by reactionaries like Julius Malema, supported by the West. In addition the northern hemisphere that has engaged itself in a draconian immigration policy by closing its borders to people from the south, would find it extremely difficult to make understand these peoples it once banned from its territories, the need they would have to shelter them. The return of the elevator could be dramatic.

The tenants of the eugenic agenda against underdeveloped country are wrong, or simply are trying to depopulate Africa to better occupy it when the time comes; because if the northern hemisphere was to be devastated,the only chance of survival of the human species will lay on its number and its capability of survival, and for instance the best candidates for survival are those population of under developed countries who have learned to live in the harshest conditions imposed to then by the natural and social environment dominated by the dictate of the Western powers.

Scientifically talking the Mitochondrial DNA is inherited only by the mother. All mutations are passed on from mother to child, generation after generation at a regular rate. Over time, the number of these mutations accumulates in a population.

The geneticist Lynn Jorde explains: “Every event that takes place in our past, every major event, a population increase, a population decrease, or the exchange of people from one population to another, changes the composition of the mitochondrial DNA in that population, so what happens is that we have a record of our past written in our mitochondrial genes”

By knowing the rate of mutation of mitochondrial DNA and by a complex analysis of the distribution of these mutations, the geneticists can estimate the size of populations in the past. Given the length of time humans have existed, there should be a wide range of genetic variation, yet DNA from people throughout the world is surprisingly similar. What could have caused this? The answer is a dramatic reduction of the population sometime in the past: a bottleneck. These bottlenecks are the result of cataclysm that struck the world throughout history. Has for example around 70 to 80 thousand years ago human population was struck hard a bottleneck occurred it’s possible that from millions only between 5,000 to 10,000 human beings survived a cataclysm. If geneticist had no clue about what created this drop of human population growth geologist are formal that the eruption of the Mount Toba in Indonesia that occurred about 74, 000 years ago is the answer, large volcanoes eruption have often changed the face of the world, plunging the earth in period of glaciation from untold memories, with a good part of the world clouded in a dark night that can last a whole year, temperature dropping drastically. It’s reported that the eruption of the Mount Toba brought the global temperature of the world five degree lower. With all the consequence of the domino effect.

For the geologist Michael Rampino: It's really not a question of if it'll go off, it's a question of when because sooner or later one of these large super eruptions will happen.

Article written by Hubert Marlin sources: BBC Super volcanoes series 1999, The Toronto Star Jan.18th 2014.

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