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Flashmag this month is meeting with Soshy a talented musician she opened her heart just for the readers of the Magazine with sincerity and conviction … Flashmag: can Soshy present herself to the readership of Flashmag; who is she? Where is She from? For those who don’t know her yet; where did she grow up? Her Family? Where did she attend school? How did she become a musician? How do You define yourself?

Soshy: Soshy is my nickname for a long time (justified i don’t know lol), may be i used To be abnormally shy in the past, anyway this ended up being my artist name And tattooed on my left arm, i was born in France, Paris grew up between There and NYC, Brooklyn east coast, travelled a it because my family is a little split up in a lot different places? Probably. But also because my Background is pretty diverse (Russian‐French daddy and French‐argentine Italian Mom), i have 6 half sisters and brothers, and I’m in the middle... School is a very tricky subject because i attended so many schools as my Family always would move around such and such. I actually was a good Student, just a little raw and bored. lol. all i thought about was acting and Music (writing songs, sing, perform) i didn’t graduate, which i humbly regret Today but i can’t rewind time so I’ll just embrace the past like a good lesson Learned. Music has been injected in my life since my birth; my dad was a musician by Passion, it wasn’t his main job, he’s an actor and a writer/director but used to Produce rock’n’roll bands with my mom when i was like 3, and that’s one of The reasons why i ended up growing up in the States. I define myself, as a down to earth person, very rooted in the earth and Connected to what’s above extremely spiritual person, i want to believe that everything is written for you, which doesn’t mean you gotta sit and wait for a miracle,but if you’re on the right path,you’ll automatically follow the signs and accomplish something good it’s called a mission,and i am on mine!!! Lol; i have lots of different cultures flowing in my veins that influence me to be someone you’ll either love or hate but i prefer when things happen in loving intentions instead of drama i had too much already in my life that i could carry ;) i humbly think that once the people will heal themselves with my songs,its gonna create a beautiful huge ball of positive energy that will enlighten some hearts and souls left in the shadow I’ve been there before so now i can relate at some point!!!

Flashmag: what type of influences do you have, in the shaping of your art, what inspired your style?

SOSHY: my influences are everything! i apologize if this sounds a little too abstract for you, so I’ll try to expand i remember a few years behind, i used to be inspired by sad stories in my life, i guess my sorrows were “nurturing” my art yet breaking my heart i decided after too much of this, that my job was to write positive yet real concept songs ,talking about real things(sad or happy) with a smile «over again», a glimpse of sarcasm «honest liar” ,my solitude “city of angels” and so on i realized my own music was healing me and helped me gain more strength so i figured it may have the same effect on people, because we all can relate to love, sadness, hope, laughter, tears, resentment, accomplishment ...etc. in other words, my life, and “their” lives, news on TV, a break up,


infatuation, a commercial, or just looking at nature or thinking about the world inspires me it might sound cheesy but depends on how you tell the story. i can also go through major writing blocks. well, then i just call my angels and stay patient ‘til the next song! i have to say that overall, listening to many artists, new, old is the best way to open your mind and by extension, become a source of inspiration i love artists, i also love to write for them. I love music under all of its critical yet very tolerant with any genre or style as long as it’s real, not too dark and heartfelt!!!!

Flashmag: who were your model artists, as a growing young musician?

Soshy: my models? very eclectic i have to say from bob Marley (he could change the world with a simple song...(i wish the recipe was somewhere to find ha-ha), Betty Davis the fonk singer, she released an album in 74(i wasn’t born yet )called “nasty gal”.it changed my life. Janis Joplin, Stevie, Michael Jackson, Motown, Stax, rock bands like Rolling stones, Queens age, Aerosmith(old albums ‘toys in the attic. «rats in the cellar», «back in the saddle” were sick albums) ,jazz of course, Chet baker, Nina Simone, the queen of all Queens, Aretha, Johnny Cash and last but not least the band “yes». I had the chance to be part of the tour owner of a lonely heart in 85,my dad took me with him it was magical!

Flashmag: can you remember what your feeling was, when for the first time of your career you took the stage for a major event? where was it? with whom and for what occasion

Soshy: well, some people who know my work or my name will think the American music awards 2 years ago. it might have been major as of exposure etc. but i wanna pick the first time i performed at the viper room in los Angeles, such a legendary spot. I remember it was in 2005,it was packed and i only rehearsed once with a band i didn’t know lol it wasn’t as sharp as i wanted but it was one of my first “throwing yourself in the arena without protection” kind of live experience! loved it.

Flashmag: it’s unclear for me in December 2010 did you release your first album? with whom did you work for the making of this album? did you like their partnership in your work? was it easy to work with them? how long it took to wrap it up? did you meet any difficulty? where did you record it?

Soshy: sorry can’t answer this question because i did collaborate with many talented people along the way but i never released an album in 2010 ;) the upcoming one will be my debut album!

Flashmag: how did you come to meet Timbaland? a word about his touch in your work?

Soshy: i met Timbaland when i was signed at Sony NY around 2004,i was working in the same recording studio, the hit factory in Miami and we met and clicked,talked music and stayed in touch ‘til the day he expressed the wish to sign me and tried something together. i already had most of the material for my album and kept on writing with the crew. But then i stepped in" shock value2" album and we created “morning after dark” which became his first single i featured him on.

Flashmag: what is your point of view about the general state of the r'n'b, hip hop, and rap? because for some like Nas’, the hip hop is not far from giving up do you think he is right?

SOSHY: it’s not about giving up, and i don’t know if I’m the right person to ask, but my opinion is that movements like rock ,hip hop have been so very far in creativity styles, sounds, colors, flavors, concepts, topics, arts. it just becomes trickier and trickier to recycle without sounding like you’re trying to copy what you heard and grew up with for years. that’s the difference between real creators and recyclers, i respect both but i definitely give much respect to those who have the balls to create something at the risk to shock, disappoint, or look stupid. hip hop is not dead as long as one rapper that we know of or don’t know yet, is cooking something fresh in the lab, same thing for rock i wanna see bands and guitar heroes come back to life!!!! don’t you???

Flashmag: do you think the pop music is going in the right direction?

Soshy: pop music is a safe way for any recycling artist to exist, shine and be recognized. why do we have to put labels on everything ,it’s just uptight state of mind. but if you think of pop in its noble sense as fusion, hybrid music, back to real music or retro‐futuristic music(which is the definition i found for my sound btw),well i would say that pop goes in many directions and truth is i don’t have control on what’s out there or not! if i think that some projects out these days deserve that big of a buzz? absolutely not lol. But i won’t give any too good at beefs (joke) hahahaha

Flashmag: did you keep the upper hand in the making of your debut album does it reflect the idea you have of your work,? by who, is this album produced?

Soshy: so far the songs are produced by Ione ,who’s my musical partner for years now, we’ve been through everything together. some other names will be part of it but i can’t really talk about it now that I’m in the middle of making and finishing. Yes, i have the upper hand and like to have a minimum of control over what i do because we’re talking about my babies here so it’s like my blood you’re messing with! lol .however, i believe and always did that a dream team is all you need to win!

Flashmag: one of the real debate now about the music industry is that it`s more easier to make commercials music that won't last than real music from the heart that will last longer in people mind, do you think it’s accurate?

Soshy: yes it is, the economy is crashing, music industry is suffering and we, artists can feel the pain too! all i can say despite the fact that i don’t validate this new way of putting out singles like it’s gonna die tomorrow, i wanna take it the positive way and want to believe that it will help real music to be heard again, for those who will get tired of lack of depth….to be continued ;)

Flashmag: what is your plan to keep your special touch when we know most of the music we are listening is coming from the same major production companies that mean more or less the same sounds with different people? don’t you think too much formatting of the music by these big companies is undermining ingeniosity of artists?

Soshy: well, half of this question is answered above but I’d say that when you are a true artist, on a mission with a special message to channel, you can’t let professional strangers mold your babies the way they see it if you don’t have the same vision. Being flexible is good in this business, and it will make you learn from others who sometimes know better, but always ,please always stick to your guts!!!! i don’t consider myself artist in major, because i decided to take the “indie”way and put out my album in the states or overseas and stick to my guts! ;)

Flashmag: are you married? do you have a partner? what made you fall for him? what turn you on in general in a man, and what turn you off?

Soshy: ok so I’m not going to expand too much on my private life, but i can say that i am recently single. it feels good to find yourself again and touch your freedom lol. Thought i lost it for a second.(that’s when you know it’s not the one) you know what ,the list is long but what turn me on in a man are his eyes, smile, brain and sense of humor, maturity, consciousness and swag what turn me off are lies!!!! you lie to me once and you feel bad about it, its all forgotten. You lie twice, then you can do it 3 ,4 ,5 times around, then it’s all unforgiving.

Flashmag: do you think it’s compatible to be a super star and a good attentionate lover, who doesn’t fall in love all the time with different persons, but decides to stand in love for a long time with the same person?

Soshy: of course i do think it can work together, it depends on how young or old you step into this mad but exciting way of life as an artist/musician there is not one secret to make you succeed in making it happen. You just gotta make it happens. Period! infatuation and love will nurture the woman i am and the woman i am nurtures the artist i am ,it’s all if you’re experiencing a growing lust/love with someone and you’re on the road….one word: compromise! ;)

Flashmag: what topics inspire more your songs? are you an engaged artist because we like to say a life without causes is a life without effects what did Shosy stand for? your contribution to make a better world?

SOSHY: if you have listened to my songs spread on the net(which will be part of the album),you’ll def. realize that “satisfaction/ unsatisfaction” “lies/truth” “love/lust” “social system/outcast” are my topics. I ‘m gonna heal the world,not like Michael Jackson, because I’m only my humble “me” but i know i will touch many hearts and minds to be more real and connected to their real nature. No game splayed, faces unmasked. the light will win over darkness and hate. I just want to make children, teens and adults feel good and contaminate them with a dose of love and consciousness. i m not politically engaged per say in my album but i can talk about what i feel is going wrong in the world and debate. If i don’t know then i don’t speak Flashmag: At the dawn of your career how do you want people to think about you and your work? what legacy do you want to leave? your special print in sum?

SOSHY: i will never speak or think instead of people, after reading this interview and listening to my songs, they’ll be able to say what they like to think when they think about me and my work i do it for them the people, not just for fame, or i would have been famous earlier doing something that isn’t me! i do it for the people and for me. i think they know that! and I’ll keep on showing love like they show me love every day, my fans are awesome i love them i want more people to sing for, perform, travel, and spread the word! soon soon…it’s all gods’ plan anyway ;)

Flashmag: you reside now in Los Angeles why did you choose live there? did you feel it’s the right place to be? how do you feel about the city?

SOSHY: i grew up partly in New York so I’m definitely more of a new Yorker than Los Angeles, i initially moved there a few years ago because my label and manager were there. I actually start to think about where i can go now .i like to move around and it’s time to maybe fly toward some new places. Depends also on where the album will take me! music first!

Flashmag: as we are closing the debate do you have any question in any topic i didn’t ask, you feel i should have asked?

Soshy: no. you were pretty sharp, original and nice. Thank you dear ;)lol

Flashmag: a word, a phrase to the readership of Flashmag and your fans?

Soshy: keep it real! be yourself and love yourself, follow your dreams, keep on dreaming please! it’s my way to visualize and i witnessed so many miracles, don’t ever give up on what you think is right! do it with your heart let’s do it for the next generation, for a better future, let’s enjoy life and risk things, don’t stay in your comfort zone. Challenge yourself, you can never lose! much love to you(s)

Flashmag: what is your schedule for the upcoming months? where your album is will be available?

Soshy: finding the right label for me(i think i found it ,we’ll see)finalizing the songs, mix ,master album, etc. The ideal date for putting it out would be April 24th 2012 I’ll keep you posted anyway. thank you Flashmag long life to you and much love and respect! Can’t believe you didn’t mention my tattoos i like that! ;) ha-ha ….peace Soshy aka your shyness Flashmag: Soshy, Flashmag is giving you big thanks for your time and pertinence... watch Soshy here in the Morning after dark with Timbaland ,and Nelly Furtado:

Interview realized by Hubert Marlin Jr.

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