Christelle Kedi: Afropolitanism and the Black Blogosphere

Christelle Kedi is an award-winning makeup artist (GLE One London, Rising Star 2008 and Women4Africa, Make-up Artist of the Year 2012) nominated to the BEFFTA Awards (Black Entertainment Film Fashion television and Arts Award). A beauty historian, she was born and raised in Paris, before moving to London where she opened a firm specializing in make-up and fashion in 2007. Christelle Kedi holds a diploma in make-up and body art for performances, a Bachelor of Arts in Beauty Salon Management and a Master's Degree of Arts in Fashion imaging and Promotion. Mastering French and English perfectly, she has worked with several magazines including National Geographic Green, The Voice, Scarf and New A

Christelle Kedi :  l’Afropolitanism et la blogosphère noire

Christelle Kédi est une artiste maquilleuse primée (GLE One London, Rising Star 2008 et Women4Africa, Maquilleuse de l'année 2012). Nominée au BEFFTA Awards (Black Entertainment Film Fashion télévision and Arts Awards) Historienne de la beauté, elle est née et a grandi à Paris, avant de rejoindre Londres ou elle a ouvert en 2007 un cabinet spécialisé dans le maquillage et la mode. Christelle Kedi est titulaire d’un diplôme en maquillage et en art corporel pour spectacles, d’un Bachelor ès arts en gestion de salon de beauté ainsi que d’une maîtrise en arts dans l'imagerie et la promotion de la mode. Maitrisant parfaitement le français et l’anglais, elle a travaillé avec plusieurs magazines do

Color integration tool, or Integrity of identity

To refuse your past is to commit suicide in the present and the future no longer exists, the identity of a man or a community is above all its memory, memory is what one is. What one recalls as know-how and experience of life to improve its own life and that of others. From what precedes it is therefore undeniable that a people whose history is flouted is called to perdition. However, it is important to note that memory can be induced to achieve an expected result such as the one aimed at the total erasure of a community and its authentic attributes. Thus, as far as the blacks are concerned, their history, their memory, their past has been perverted so that their present and their future sho

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